How Much Nitrous Can A Stock Hayabusa Handle

How Much Nitrous Can a Stock Hayabusa Handle?

If you’re wondering how much nitrous a stock Hayabusa can handle, you’ve come to the right place. These bikes have been tuned to reach 230 mph and 370 kph. Compare that to the BMW S1000RR, which tops out at 195 mph. If you’re looking for more power, you should consider building a bike with some modifications like nitrous injection. Alternatively, you can buy a bike with a modified engine.


The Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa is a sport motorcycle that has been available since 1999. It has gained a reputation for being the fastest production motorcycle in the world. It is capable of reaching speeds of about 230 mph or 370 kph. It uses a 1340cc inline 4-cylinder engine. The bike also has a twin-battery electrical system and a custom exhaust.

Adding nitrous to a motorcycle’s engine will increase its torque, which will increase the motorcycle’s performance. The benefits of adding nitrous to a stock bike are many, but the downside is that it’s expensive compared to other performance options. However, the upside to adding nitrous to a bike is that you’ll retain the stock engine’s performance during normal driving. The nitrous will give you tremendous torque without raising the engine’s rpms, which will make it more durable.

If you’re looking to add nitrous to your Hayabusa, the EFIR-13 Retard Module is an easy way to achieve the goal. It plugs into the factory wiring harness and is 12 volt activated. It’s compatible with turbo systems and nitrous solenoids. Its dipswitches let you adjust the amount of timing retard to suit your needs.

In addition to the increased horsepower, nitrous oxide increases the cylinder pressure. Nitrous oxide also increases cylinder temperature, which can add to the vehicle’s fuel consumption. By boosting the horsepower of a stock Hayabusa, you can increase the vehicle’s overall performance.


When it comes to upgrading your bike’s performance, nitrous is a great choice. It’s more expensive than other performance upgrades, but you’ll get a lot of performance for your money. Plus, a nitrous system maintains the stock engine during normal driving, and it produces tremendous torque without the need for excessive rpms.

To get more power from a stock Hayabusa, you can install a nitrous system. An EFIR-13 (Electronic Fuel Injection Retard Module) plugs into the factory wiring harness. It uses 12 volts to operate and is designed to work with a nitrous solenoids. It’s also designed to let you set a gradual delay in the engine timing if you’re installing a turbo system. However, you should note that a nitrous system will increase fuel consumption.

A stock Hayabusa can handle up to two liters of nitrous per cylinder. While this isn’t a lot, it’s not impossible to do. The nitous kit can cost as much as fuel management and spark management. If you’re planning to add nitrous, remember to consult a professional before doing it yourself.

When installing nitrous, be sure to do it with care. You should be sure that your bike’s parts are made from the best quality, because the nitrous system puts pressure on them. You should also make sure that you’re using a high-quality fuel with a 110 octane rating.


A stock Hayabusa can handle up to 30 hp, and even a bit more. For maximum power, the bike needs to have a fuel pump boosted to a minimum of 100 horsepower. But you don’t need to upgrade the pump if you only want to spray a small amount of nitrous. You can use a plug-and-play nitrous harness. If you don’t want to go too crazy, you can use the same harness and remap the IAP sensor.

Nitrous is expensive, but it offers tremendous torque. It’s best used early in the rev range to maximize power, but it’s safe to add nitrous at higher rpms. In addition, it helps the engine last longer. It can also be used with a progressive controller.

However, before adding nitrous, you should check the fuel and compression ratios. A stock Hayabusa can handle as much as 15 cc of nitrous, but you should avoid exceeding that, as you’ll end up with a very hot bike! You’ll need more octane and higher compression for higher power.

Another option is to modify the ignition timing. There are different kits available that will do the trick for you. EFIR-13 Retard Module can be installed in the factory wiring harness and will let you retard the timing by up to 16 degrees. It works with a 12v ignition module and can be wired to nitrous solenoids or a turbo ignition module.

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