How old are you when you go to college?

How old are you when you go to college?

By definition, a college in America is a tertiary educational institution that can be attended from the age of 17 or 18. The universities are more focused on specific disciplines and mostly offer undergraduate studies, i.e. basic courses such as a bachelor’s degree.

What do you do in a college?

Colleges usually offer so-called “undergraduate studies” that end with a bachelor’s degree. The student can then add “postgraduate studies” to this at a university and do a master’s degree in a subject. However, there are also colleges where you can get any degree.

What is the difference between college and high school?

The German primary school is called Elementary School (or Grade School) in the USA. In the US, this degree is called the High School Diploma and allows you to apply to a university or college. On the other hand, a degree from one of the private preparatory schools is more important.

What is the high school degree in Germany?

A US high school diploma is generally recognized in Germany as a secondary school leaving certificate or, in combination with a correspondingly high result in the SAT or ACT, as an Abitur (general higher education entrance qualification).

How old are you when you graduate from high school?

Usually you are between 17 and 18 years old when you graduate. After 12th grade you graduate from high school. Usually you are 18 years old.

How long are you in high school?

Depending on the region, the student attends either four years and then two years of middle school (or junior high school) before moving on to high school, which is usually after 12th grade.

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