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You may have heard the story of “How the Bear Lost His Tail” and wondered what happened to the bear’s tail. It’s a tale that’s been around for years and is now a classic children’s book. The story goes that the bear was too proud of his long, black tail and would talk about it all the time, annoyng all the other animals in the forest. However, when the bear became sick of his long, black, fluffy tail, he decided to cut it off.

In the beginning, there were only creatures living on earth: birds, bears, deer, mice, and more. They all spoke the same language and played tricks on each other. Once, Bear was walking along the lakeshore and saw an Otter sitting near a hole in the ice. He asked the Otter how he got the fish and the two animals began a long-lasting friendship. Now, the Bear is no longer as shy and the Otter is back to enjoying his life.

In the distant past, the only animals on earth were birds, bears, deer, mice, and other animals. All these animals knew each other and played tricks on each other. Then, one day, the Bear was walking by the shore of the lake when the lake had frozen. He saw an Otter sitting by a hole on the ice with a fish. He approached the Otter and asked how the Otter got the fish.

The story begins long ago. When the lakes were frozen, only animals lived on them. These animals were friendly and shared food with each other. They spoke the same language, played tricks on each other, and tended to help each other. Once upon a time, Bear was walking along a lakeshore and saw an Otter sitting by a hole in the ice. The Otter was eating a fish, so the Bear asked how the Otter got it.

During the summer, the Spirit of Frost pounded trees and lakes to freeze. The Fox was also playing in the ice, and he had made a hole near the Bear. While the Bear was passing by, he saw fat perch and big trout. The Fox twitched his tail and pulled out the huge fish. It had been a long time since the two creatures had a chance to meet.

When the bear was small, he grew up in a natural habitat. He hunted for food in a tree near the lake. In his search for food, he found fish. He ate these fish. The frog ate the fish and the bear ate the fish. The two creatures were friends. They did not need to communicate with each other. The fox was a great friend to both of them.

Before the forest was covered with trees, the Spirit of Frost pounded the ice with his hammer. The Fox sat in the middle of the lake and twitched his tail to get closer to the fish. This way, the bear could learn his new language by reading books. This story is very popular with children. Once they have mastered it, they can even teach their kids to use it in their own life.

Several years ago, the Earth was covered with ice. The spirits of Frost pounded the trees with a big hammer and covered the lakes with ice. A fox made a hole in the ice near the Bear. The Fox found that the fish were surrounded by big trout and fat perch. The fox twitched his tail and pulled out a huge trout.

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