How to analyze a cartoon?

How to analyze a cartoon?

Description Which problem is addressed? Which people are depicted? How are the symbols and metaphors designed? Is there a caption or a title? How was the image composition designed? Can you think of any other design tools? What overall message do you get from the cartoon?

How to create a caricature

If you want to draw a caricature, you have to make the unconscious process of face recognition conscious in order to explicitly recognize the relevant characteristics, i.e. facial features. However, there is no direct access to the subconscious.

Is a cartoon?

The word caricature comes from the Italian “caricare” which means “overweight”. A caricature is an image that comically exaggerates a person or a social situation. The exaggeration makes what is meant particularly clear. Criticism is often expressed with caricatures.

What does the cartoon want to express?

Caricature (from the Latin carrus ‘cart’, ie overload, and Italian caricare ‘overload’, ‘exaggerate’) means the comically exaggerated representation of people or social conditions, also with a political or propaganda background.

What makes a good caricature?

A caricature can succinctly sum up a concern with just one image, although the humor that goes with the caricature can take many different shades. A text or comic report might be better at looking at things from different angles.

What is a caricature?

Caricature f. ‘exaggerated, comical, grotesque, humorously distorted artistic representation of people or things, distorted image, ridiculous image’, around 1760 as a technical term for painting, borrowed from Italian caricatura, actually ‘overload, exaggeration’, derived from Ital.

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