How To Beat Level 964 On Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 964 on Candy Crush

Are you stuck on Candy Crush level 964? There’s a solution for this puzzle game! Check out the following tips and strategies to beat level 964 on Candy Crush. They will help you clear a lot of icing in the game so that you can create more special candies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat the hardest level in Candy Crush Saga.

First of all, try to start the level by playing from the bottom. You should shuffle the candies to break the blockers. Use the special candies to break blockers and play near the ingredients to get them to the bottom. Remember that jelly can pass through the portal! If you have trouble, try the trick I outlined in my previous post. Level 964 is not difficult, as you’ll see!

As for the coconut wheels on Candy Crush Level 964, you need to clear the icings below them. This will allow you to reach the five-layer icings. If you can’t clear the icings below the coconut wheels, you can try to remove the licorice locks. This will allow you to release the ingredients. You can beat Candy Crush Level 964 by using the coconut wheels and coconut key combination.

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