How To Build A F2 Stock Car

How to Build a F2 Stock Car

Wayne Helliwell Racing is the best place to start building an F2 stock car. WHR’s goal is to be the leader in short oval race car fabrication, producing everything from a single wheel nut to bespoke trailers and race transporters. WHR also supplies many BriSCA F1 drivers, including Andrew Smith, who sports a WHR decal on his wing.

In BriSCA F2 racing, there are about 500 drivers and 25 tracks, which means that there are 200 meetings a year. The F2 Stock Cars feature open-wheeled chassis and aerofoils similar to those used in American Sprint cars. The cars are typically powered by a two-litre Ford Pinto engine, though a Ford Zetec engine is becoming increasingly popular. They are fast and maneuverable and have strong chassis and roll cages.

F2 stock cars are full-size cars designed for indoor, carpeted oval tracks. While the kits are not available from a retail store, the F1 stockcar’s kit can be purchased from several manufactures. BriSCA F2 stock cars are designed to be raced on a carpeted oval track. For more information, visit the BriSCA website. This website contains links to Oval Track clubs.

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