How To Calibrate Riken Keiki Gx 8000

How to Calibrate a Riken Keiki GX 8000 Gas Detector

To calibrate your Riken Keiki GX8000 gas detector, first you need to learn how to use this device. The device conforms to international standards such as IECEx, ATEX, and MED. This instrument can detect gas in many environments, including the industrial sector, if used correctly. It also has an alarm message display.

The Riken Kiki 8000 Oxygen monitor measures combustible gases in a single gas. It can measure gases from 0-100% volume. It has a 95dB alarm, is waterproof and can be fitted with a waist strap. Its compact design makes it easy to use and operate with a single hand. The built-in pump provides 750ml/minute of gas flow. The device can take a sample as far as 30m.

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