How To Convert A Trailer Into A Mobile Bar

How to Convert a Trailer Into a Mobile Bar

If you’ve ever wanted to open a bar on wheels, you’ve probably wondered how to do it. A couple in San Diego recently decided to transform their 1946 Glide trailer into a mobile bar, spending just under $5,000 to convert the trailer into a functioning, custom-designed mobile bar. Scott put in nine weeks of hard work, painting, and tiling before it was finished, so it looked just like a pro restaurant!

To make the process as simple as possible, they began by painting the horsebox orange. This is a labor-intensive process, so they made sure to buy the right metal paint and brushes. A covered workspace was also essential. Painting the horsebox is a great way to protect the structure from the elements. While preparing to transform the trailer, make sure to purchase a catering trailer insurance policy. A catering trailer insurance policy is also required, so that you’ll be protected if you run into any trouble on the road.

The horse trailer itself is a perfect mobile bar if you’re looking for a unique, retro look. The single horse trailer is perfect for a dinky pub, while the double and triple horse trailers can cater for more punters, but they’re a bit difficult to transport! If you’re going for a retro image, you might want to opt for a 1960s Rice Beaufort type trailer. This type of trailer is highly regarded as a catering vehicle, thanks to its lightweight construction. But a good quality horse trailer can cost you a couple of grand, so you may want to invest in a quality one.

Sipping Southern is another small business that uses the Sipping Southern trailer to serve up tasty cocktails. Unlike its traditional counterpart, Sipping Southern provides bartenders, cocktail napkins, straws, and ice. Sipping Southern Mobile Bar is also available for events and private parties in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. The Sipping Southern mobile bar is a fantastic addition to any event, and it’s sure to become a hit!

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