How To Install New Springs On Hwh Jacks

How to Install New Springs on HH Jacks

Are you having trouble installing new springs on your HJ jacks? You are not the only one having trouble installing new springs on your HH jacks. There are countless other jacks in your garage and you might not know how to replace them, so here are a few tips to help you get the job done. To begin, you need to know the proper way to install a new spring. To ensure a professional result, follow the steps below.

If your jacks retract when pressing the’rear’ or “front” buttons, it’s likely that they need new springs. You can test for weak springs by releasing the pressure in the valves or solenoids. You can also check the springs by retracing the jacks without any fluid in the system. Finally, if you’re having trouble installing new springs, check for any problems with the valves.

HWH offers a jack spring kit that can be purchased at RV dealers. It comes with two (2) springs measuring 2 inches in diameter by 14.5 inches in long. The spring kit costs $40, but that can add up fast if you need more than one. Be sure to measure the outer diameter of the existing springs before installing new springs. Use the correct spring kit to fit your jacks.

A ram is a piece made of metal that has a pin through it. A welded pin prevents overheating the bottom of the ram, and will also prevent distortion in the metal. The springs must be stretched before installing them in your hwh jacks. It is simple to do this if you have a spring stretcher you can find or make. If the springs are not retracting properly, it’s likely due to a faulty inner seal.

The HWH corporation makes hydraulic leveling jack systems. HWH manufactures about eighty percent of the parts, while the rest are made by other companies. There are manual and computerized systems. Most of these jacks are made by HWH. There are instructions included in the manual. However, if you’re not comfortable doing this repair yourself, it’s best to seek professional help for more complicated issues.

Before you replace HWH jacks by new springs, it is important to determine how to retract hydraulic slide-outs. The majority of hwh leveling systems have solenoids that automatically retract the hydraulic jacks when they are retracted. The manual or troubleshooting guide that comes with the HWH will help you locate the solenoids.

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