How To Make A Master List On Tumblr

A Master List is a post on your Tumblr account where you can add links to your content. It is very similar to creating a normal post on Tumblr, so you can simply select the text and click the chain link icon. Then copy and paste the link into your post. You can also create a mobile masterlist by simply adjusting the settings for your mobile masterlist.

To make a Tumblr Masterlist, you’ll need to login to your account on desktop or mobile and go to the “edit theme” option. You can also go to the “add a new text section” button and type in the text you want to use for the link. Once you’re done editing the text, click the arrow that appears at the bottom of the page.

Then, click the “edit theme” button in the upper right corner. Next, paste the code into the description section of the post. Save the changes. If you’re a new user, you can choose to use a default name for your blog. To customize your blog, choose a custom domain name. You can use any text you want. It’s very important to keep in mind that the URL of your blog should match the title of the blog post you are creating.

Once you have created a Master List, you can then save the page frequently. This prevents it from being overwritten with changes and lets others see the list as well. After you’ve made any changes, you should post an update on your Tumblr page, stating that the list has been updated. Once you have your Master List, you can add sub-sections as needed.

After you’ve added the Tumblr Masterlist, you should add it to your desktop or mobile. Once you have added your Tumblr account, you can create sub-sections based on your interests. You can organize your Tumblr Masterlist by character, fandom, finished status, or fluff. You can even add sub-sections to categorize your Tumblr content.

Once you’ve created a Masterlist, you should save it. It’s important to save the page often, otherwise you’ll lose any changes you’ve made. By saving your page, other people can also see the list. A Tumblr Masterlist can be organized by character, fandom, finished status, or fluff. Once you’ve saved the page, you can add the sub-sections that are appropriate to your interests.

The first step is to make a masterlist. A masterlist can include links to other masterlists. It can also include warnings and summaries. A masterlist can be organized in any way you want. The instructions at the top of the page will show you how to do it. Once you’ve created your masterlist, you can then add links to it. After creating your masterlist, you can easily share it with your friends and followers.

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