How To Make A Sinking Titanic Cake

How to Make a Sinking Titanic Cake

You have been asked to create a sinking Titanic-themed cake. This is a great way to commemorate the anniversary of the ship’s sinking. It will make your cake look like the sinking ship did, with a few added tricks. Here are the steps to creating this cake. Once you have decided on the shape and the size of the ship, you can begin to build the hull and deck. The hull should be black, while the deck should be a light brown. Using a ruler or pencil, measure out the pieces and then sandwich them together to create the desired heights.

First, take the cake. This particular cake was uploaded by Momsnet user. It shows the Titanic ship divided into two halves. Fondant icebergs are also included as well as a ticket or boarding card. The cake also has the name “Tehl” on it. The cake was apparently for a child who turned five, and the boarding pass is made of fondant.

You can then add icing to make the ship’s inflatable side after you have made the base layer. You can also add a ship nose. You can also add details like lifeboats. The end result is an authentic Titanic cake that looks great. Enjoy your new cake! And don’t forget to share the recipe with your friends! They will be amazed!

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