How To Make Song Of India Lei

How to Make Song of India Lei

Cut a length of about 1 inch from the stem to create the traditional song in India lei. Then, wrap it tightly around the base strand. Tie the ends of the strand to the base using the extra raffia. Place the loose ends in a square knot, first over left and then under right. Trim the knot to a quarter inch. Do not use pieces of the bottom lei to make the braids.

The next step is to attach a rosette and accent it with red torch ginger. Once the lei is complete, spray it with polyurethane, which will preserve it for years to come. This will make your Song of India lei last forever. For best results, order 48 hours before the wedding date. Then, arrange the petals and accents to create the lei of your dreams. To protect the lei and keep it fresh, spray it with a sealant.

After attaching the flowers to the lei, let it dry in a window for several hours. The room will be filled with the scent of the flower petals. You can make the traditional song of India using many different kinds of flowers. The following step-by-step guide will guide you through the process. A template for the lei can also be used. Just make sure to plan your project carefully and follow the instructions. There are many resources available online for making your own song of India lei.

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