How To Move To The UK From The USA

Many Americans are moving to the UK recently, and if you are one of them, then you need to know all your options to make a wise decision and get a visa without any difficulties. You can move to the UK through two main options:

  • Having a visa and being a temporary resident
  • Having the right to abode or to get on a path to British citizenship and being a permanent resident

You can also reach out to experienced immigration lawyers US for advice on your application. To get one of the above, here are a few visa options you can apply for to get residency in the UK.

Family Visa

You can move to the UK through a Family of a Settled Person Visa if you have a family member or relative living in the UK with a British settlement, asylum, or citizenship. You can move to the UK from the USA to stay for 6 months or more. The maximum staying limit can be 33 months, at which you can again extend your stay. However, the requirements for this visa are quite strict, given as follows:

  • You have to be above 18.
  • Should give valid proof of your relationship with the other person.
  • Should give valid proof that the other person has space for you to stay and you will stay with them until your stay.
  • You should have great English language skills.

Spouse Visa

You can apply for this visa if your partner or spouse (whether husband or wife) is a British citizen. Through this, you can stay in the UK for 30-33 months, and after this time, your partner can apply for a visa extension for an additional 30 months, but for this to happen, you should be eligible enough to meet all the requirements throughout your stay in the UK. You can work with this visa during your stay. Here are the conditions that need to be met to get this visa;

  • Give valid proof of your legal marriage and intend to live with your spouse during your stay.
  • Give proof that you can support yourself financially without government funding.
  • For your visa to be approved, the spouse should have a minimum income of £18,600 per year.

Student Visa

Student visa Tier 4 is needed if you plan to move to the UK from the US for a study period. You can bring your partner, children, or spouse with you and should meet the following requirements:

  • You should have an offer letter from the university you are enrolled in.
  • Have proof of financial funds for your living expenses and chosen course during your stay in the UK.
  • You will have to apply three weeks prior, at least before the start of your course.
  • If you meet all the visa requirements and wish to extend your student visa, you can do so through a Student Visa extension.

British Citizenship By Descent

This is for non-British citizens whose parents are British citizens and want to take on their parents’ citizenship. If you were born outside the UK on or after 1st January 1983 and if both or one of your parents were British citizens, you can get this visa. 

Ancestry Visa

You can get this visa if your grandparents are British and a commonwealth citizen while you are not British. It has a few requirements:

  • The grandparent must be born on the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland, a British registered aircraft or ship, Isle of Man, or in the UK before 31st March 1922.
  • This visa is for five years. However, you can apply for further extension or indefinite leave to remain if you live continuously in the UK for five years and show the ability and intention to work.
  • You must be 17 years or older at the time of application, and there is no maximum age limit.

Skilled Worker Visa

This visa is for those sponsored by a UK employer for their UK business. It is valid for five years; you can bring your spouse, unmarried partner, children under 18 years, and civil partnerships. After five years of continuous work, you can apply for an ILR visa.

Business Visa

There Are A Few Categories:

  • Investor Visa Tier 1: This is for those who wish to invest in an active and trading UK business of at least £2 million.
  • Innovator Visa: This is for those experienced individuals wanting to start their business with at least £50,000 investment in the UK.
  • Start-Up Visa: This is for those with unique business start-up ideas that are endorsed by authorized in the UK and can support themselves financially during their stay.
  • Business Visitor Visa: This is a six months visa to enter the UK where you can conduct only certain business practices.

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