How To Pass Level 235 On Candy Crush

So you’ve reached level 235 of Candy Crush Saga, and you’re wondering how to pass it. Here are a few tips. First, clear the 72 double jelly squares in 25 moves. Once you’ve cleared all of them, you can activate Sugar Crush to score even more points. You will need to find the mystery eggs in order to unlock this level.

You can also use special candy in different positions to pass level 235. The trick to this level is to use special candy combinations to clear the jelly. This is a great strategy for level 235, especially if you’re not a good matchmaker. It might take you a few attempts, but eventually you’ll get it! To unlock the next level, you will need to earn 160,000 points.

You can look at the videos of the levels if you feel overwhelmed. These videos will show you how to do the trick. These videos can also help you get ideas for what to do at specific levels. You can also view the YouTube walkthrough videos if you are still stuck. These videos can help you figure out what moves to use and where to go next. You can even use a cheat in Candy Crush Saga

Another trick to help you pass level 235 of Candy Crush is to open several tabs at once. This will give you five extra lives! Another method is to set the date forward a day. This trick can be used as many times as you wish. That way, you can get unlimited lives on Candy Crush. This tip will help you beat level 235 in no time. These tips will help you avoid the challenge.

Another tip to help you pass level 235 of Candy Crush Saga is to use jelly fish and striped candies. They will earn you more points once you finish the level. You should save your extra lives for when you really need them, but you should turn boosts off to conserve your lives. Three striped candies will be created by using coconut wheels, which are available before each level begins. If you can match four or five of these together, you’ll be able to get more points.

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