How To Reach Pawna Lake From Mumbai

Day trippers from Mumbai love to visit Pawna Lake, an artificial lake in Maharashtra. Every weekend, people from Lonavala and Pune flock to this lake. Here are the best ways to reach Pawna Lake from Mumbai. Taking a train from Mumbai is the most comfortable and affordable option. The journey takes approximately two hours and costs Rs 2000 for one-way.

Travellers from Mumbai can take an express train from Mumbai to Lonavala, which is located 65 km away. The official Indian railway website has the timetable. You can then hire a taxi. Outside Lonavla station, private cabs can be hired. They charge Rs1000 for one side ride, and can accommodate up to ten passengers. If you plan to reach Pawna Lake by car, you can save money by hiring a private cab in advance.

It is easy to get there. It is accessible from both Mumbai and Pune. You can take the Dudhiware Khind route to reach Pawna Lake. You can spend a night at a campsite close to Pawna Lake after you have reached the lake. If you want to camp, you can also camp on the lake. It’s a beautiful place to visit and spend a night there with your family.

If you plan to visit Pawna Lake from Mumbai, you can take a bus to Pune. This is the shortest route. But be sure to plan ahead and check if your destination is open. If not, you’ll need to take a taxi to get there. For a one-way ride, it costs between 1000-1500 INR. It is also possible to rent a shared jeep from Pune.

Another way to get to Pawna Lake is to drive from the city. You can take a bus or taxi from Mumbai or Pune to Lonavala. This trip will cost you about 1000 Rs for ten people. The trip will take about two hours and will be well worth it. If you have the time, you might also want to visit nearby historical sites.

You can take a train to Pawna lake, from Mumbai. You can then hire a private jeep for up to 10 persons. You can also use Google Maps to find the best route from Mumbai to Pawna Lake. You’ll be able reach the campsite easily by using this method. This will allow you to enjoy Pawna Lake’s sights and sounds in the most enjoyable way.

The roads are good and the journey from Kamshet to Pawna Lake is relatively quick and hassle-free. While you will need to carry light luggage, make sure you have enough water. If you are a couple, avoid the monsoon season. However, it’s not a bad place to go for a romantic weekend away.

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