How To Straighten A Warped Pool Cue Shaft

You may have a pool cue that has warped, bent, or crooked shaft. While one of these problems is harmless and will correct itself after a few weeks, there are some cases where you need to repair a bent cue shaft to play the game again. If you don’t want to spend the time or money to fix it yourself, this guide can help you straighten your pool cue shaft.

Before you attempt to straighten a warped pool cuing shaft, you should first know how to use a Jacoby shaft adjusting tool. This tool is designed to straighten the shaft of bent pool cues. You should not use too much force to straighten the shaft of a bent pool cue. This could cause you to chip the wood or scrape away the veneer. You might also try heating the bent portion of the cue by pressing against a wall in opposite direction to the warp.

Next, determine the severity of a warped pool cue. A warped shaft will require more pressure than a slightly bent shaft. Straightening a slight bend should take only a few minutes. Repeat the process if the warp is severe. After several days, the shaft should be straight and able to be used again. It is recommended that you straighten the cue every few months.

In addition to using a tool to straighten a warped pool cub, you can also try to straighten a bent pool cue using a clamp and heavy string. After you have done this, dampen the cue by using water. Then, slowly turn the shift in the opposite direction. Continue this process until you reach your desired result. Once the warped shaft has been straightened, it is time to store the warped pool cue in a cushioned or hard polyform cue case.

To straighten a pool cube that is warped, you must first remove the inlay. A warped pool cue can often be caused by improper storage. It can become bent from uneven moisture changes and internal stress. Proper storage will help prevent warping. However, it may not be as easy as you think. A case is the best way to store a damaged cue.

Next, tie the string of your billiard cue to the door frame or closet. Make sure that the string is in a vertical position. The string can also be used to attach the cue to a closet pole or door frame. If you are unable to locate a door frame, you can use a closet pole. The string should be tied in the correct direction.

Another way to straighten a pool cue shaft is to boil it. This is the best way to straighten a cue, since the water will soften the wood. This will help you straighten a warped pool cue with less effort. If the problem isn’t serious, you can take it to a pool cue repair shop. Just make sure you have the proper equipment for the job.

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