How To Win Level 715 In Candy Crush

How to Win Level 715 in Candy Crush Saga

You’re here to learn how to win Candy Crush Saga level 715. This challenge requires you to use striped candies, blockers, as well as the color bomb to create powerful combinations. This level requires that you understand the differences between vertical and horizontal striped candies, and plan your next three moves carefully.

To beat this level, you’ll need to bring down all the ingredients and earn 10,000 points. To achieve this, you’ll need to process 5 keys and 7 locks. This can be difficult if you are low on candies. However, if you can process multiple keys at the same time, you will be able to save more candy. To speed up the exit of the ingredients, make sure you use the vertical stripe candies.

This level is tricky, and you’ll need to collect four or five different types of candy to reach the bottom. You’ll also need to match two or more candies from the same color to create larger combinations. It’s a great way to get a high score without spending too much time!

You can also use boosters to get an additional boost. These boosters work well if you can make three at a time. You can save extra lives and boosts in case you really need them. A booster available before a level starts is the coconut wheel, which can help you create three striped candies at once.

Although the 4 colours make it easy to make unique candies, licorice can be a bit annoying. Clear at least one piece of the licorice before moving on to the next row. In the end, you’ll want to make cascades to get all of the honey bears. Using wrapped candies, colour bombs, and fish can all help you achieve your goal.

The best strategy for this level is to use the special candies. They make it easier to crush the most stubborn candies, and will also increase your chances of reaching the target marks. You can also use the special candies in combinations to create a large crush. You should also pause after each move to take a look around the field. By doing this, you’ll get a much better chance to clear the sugar and will enjoy a great result.

The core mechanic of Candy Crush is mixing the special candies. This is a very satisfying mechanic as it makes you feel special when all the candies are aligned. You can also use the Sugar Crush to activate the remaining special candies and clear even more candies.

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