How To Write A Terse Verse Poem

How to Write a Terse Verse Poem

Terse verse can be described as a short form or poetry. This form has no rules, but it is important to use rhymes and few words. For example, you could write about a fat cat named Daisy who may be obese due to too much food and not enough exercise. This example can be used with the ABAB rhyme scheme.

Terse verse poems are typically humorous. They consist of a question or riddle followed by two rhyming words. Hence, the right answer to “What do you call an empty seat?” “A bare chair” is another example. Another example would be “flower energy.” Or, “What do you call an autumn dance?” and the right response is “a fall ball.” Terse verse can also be known as higgly piggle or hinky -pinky verse.

A rhyming dictionary is a great resource for anyone who is unsure how to rhyme their words. These are often available in public libraries. These books will not only give you a list, but they will also inspire your imagination. This way, you’ll have more options when writing a terse verse poem.

Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem, “Free Verse”, is a great example of how to write a simple verse. The poem’s speaker is a father who has to cross the street with his son asleep. He must protect the child from noise, light, and the splash of a car. This is a very tender moment between the father and his son. It is the reader’s expectation that she be loved, whereas she is not.

Another aspect to remember when writing a terse verse poem is that line breaks are crucial to the flow of the poem. Line breaks should highlight the most important word of each line and provide concrete imagery. This will help the ideas stick with the reader and build the poem’s cadence. Indenting and enjambed lines are other examples of line breaks that will further emphasize the idea.

Free verse poetry is also another great way to write a poem. These poems can be very informal and have no formal structure. They are usually free of rhyme and meter. Although formal poetry is quite common, there are some fun and refreshing free verse poems.

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