How to write an argumentation letter

How to write an argumentation letter

Writing Plan for the Argumentative Letter Gather arguments to support your opinion. Order these from weak to strong argument. At the beginning of the letter, mention the article or event you are referring to. Use appropriate language when developing your arguments.

How do you write your own opinion?

Opinion: Write your opinion in writing. Build your argument in three steps: introduction, main part and conclusion. In the introduction you name the question and briefly give your opinion. In the main part, you use the ideas you have collected to explain in detail why you think so.

How to write a 5th grade letter

The sender’s full address (and phone number) must appear at the top of the page (on the left). The address of the recipient should be 5-6 blank lines below the sender. Today there is no longer a blank line between the street and the place. As with a personal letter, the place and date should be at the top right.

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