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Inspirations for designing the home bar

In addition to a fulfilling professional and family life, a well-groomed social life is indispensable for the modern-minded person. Even if we have a lot of commitments in today’s fast-paced everyday life, it is still important to devote ourselves to our friendships and to spend good time with our friends.

Inviting friends over to your home is of course a great way to cultivate friendships. It would be ideal if you had a room of the right size in your house. A separate room could be set up for this in spacious houses. Usually, however, this space is the living room or the dining room. Other alternatives are the party room, the winter garden or, in good weather, the garden. No matter where you find space for your guests, it is important that you set up a bar in your guest room and transform this place into a real centerpiece of the entire room concept. Be creative and make this place an attractive and lively space, where you can feel good personally and spend unforgettable time together with your friends. All you need is a cozy and stylish setting with comfortable seating and a refrigerator, wine cooler and sink.

Here we would like to show you some inspiring ideas for designing your home bar and would like to support you in transforming the meeting point of your guests into an original, functional and attractive space.
This is an example of a large and extravagant entertainment and party room with a pool table and TV, and a well-stocked bar with built-in cupboards, water connection and all the necessary accessories.

Beispiel für einen großen und extravaganten Unterhaltungs und Partyraum mit Billardtisch und Fernseher

This is an example of a large and extravagant entertainment and party room with a pool table and TV, and a well-stocked bar with built-in cupboards, water connection and all the necessary accessories.

Together with the built-in cupboards made of dark wood and with all the bright colors of the surroundings, this free-standing bar with the two elegant apricot-colored stools looks very charming.

Freistehende Bar dunkles Holz elegante aprikosenfarbene Hocker charmant eingebaute Schränke bunte Farben

A cozy place to drink wine.

This example shows a simple party room ambience with a stable table for all kinds of preparations, two stools and a niche under the stairs with a built-in bar that has everything necessary such as water connection, shelf and accessories.

Schlichtes Partykeller Ambiente stabiler Tisch für Zubereitungen aller Art zwei Hocker Nische unter der Treppe eingebaute Bar Wasseranschluss Regal Zubehör

A suitable place to celebrate and dance.

This wonderful living ambience is very inviting, cozy and attractive with its built-in open bar with free-standing drinks and glasses, with its spacious room divided into two, with wonderful armchairs and with the wide view of the big city through the wide windows.

Bar freistehende Getränke und Gläser

Treat yourself to a break and enjoy the view of the city.

This is how simple and easy it is to create a friendly bar ambience by placing a niche with a counter, refrigerator, sink, shelf and cupboards in a soft-colored environment.

Freundliches Bar Ambiente schlicht einfach weichfarbene Umgebung Nische Theke Kühlschrank Spüle Regal Schränke

A plain and simple bar counter.

Even if you do not have that much space available to set up a bar ambience especially for guests, you could still build small, fine and irresistible islands with an approach of imaginative and creative solutions, such as this drinks cart here made of wood and glass with selected liqueurs, wine coolers and glasses that stand comfortably in front of this modern, attractive wallpaper wall.

Ein mobiler und platzsparender Getränke Wagen

A mobile and space-saving drinks trolley.

When everything in your bar is set up and ready, you could start thinking about the details and choosing and putting together things like the right decorations, fine branded glasses, stylish serviettes, quality wines, first-class drinks and shakers for cocktails.

Dekoration feine Markengläser stilvolle Servietten qualitätsvolle Weine erstklassige Drinks Shaker für Cocktails

A beautiful house bar furnished with the appropriate accessories.

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