Is a goldfish bowl cruelty to animals?

Is a goldfish bowl cruelty to animals?

However, species-appropriate animal husbandry is not possible there, although keeping fish in goldfish bowls is not prohibited by law in Germany. Keeping fish in a goldfish bowl is considered animal cruelty.

What fish can you keep with goldfish?

Since the koi and the goldfish are very similar in terms of their living environment, koi, larger goldfish and many other peaceful fish such as golden orfe, golden tench, bitterlings and the common sunfish can be kept together without any problems.

Which fish for the mini pond?

Goldfish and sticklebacks do best in a mini pond.

How many scales does a goldfish have?

Except for the head, fins and gill covers, the entire body of the goldfish is covered with 640-660 scales arranged in an imbricated manner. The scales are embedded under the skin (epidermis) in the subcutaneous tissue (dermis) and form a natural protection against mechanical and chemical influences.

How many babies can a goldfish have?

When the time comes, the females lay 5 eggs, which are immediately fertilized by the male. After only five to seven days, the almost transparent larvae hatch and attach themselves to aquatic plants.

How big aquarium for goldfish?

Goldfish are long-lived, hardy, and voracious. Keeping them is unproblematic as long as the aquarium is not a goldfish bowl. No goldfish bowl: In order for the fish to be able to live out their urge to move, the aquarium should be at least one meter long and have a volume of 20 to 50 liters per fish.

How much space does a goldfish need in the pond?

Ideally, a third of the pond is always shaded by a wall or building so that the water does not get warm. From a water depth of 120 centimetres, goldfish can easily overwinter in the pond. The optimal fish stock is two goldfish per cubic meter of water.

Which plants are suitable for goldfish?

Large-leaved stem plants such as Ludwigia, Egeria and Alternantheria are good suppliers of oxygen and grow quickly and are therefore also very suitable. So that the plants are not torn out of the ground before the roots have formed, it is advisable to arrange smaller stones around them.

What water is good for goldfish?

A sufficiently large pond area is therefore also important. Goldfish get along well with water temperatures between 4°C and 30°C, but feel most comfortable at 20°C. The pond should therefore reach a depth of about 1 meter so that the goldfish can retreat to cooler water zones.

What temperatures can goldfish withstand?

They are originally fish from the subtropics. Goldfish belong to the small group of fish that can be kept at room temperature (15-23°C), which is too warm for cold-water fish and too cold for warm-water fish. It makes sense to offer them significantly lower temperatures in winter than in summer.

Can you keep a goldfish in normal water?

Basically, you should not keep too many fish in the aquarium or pond. The basic rule here is that each goldfish should have about ten liters of water available. With the help of a high-quality water conditioner, the tap water for the aquarium can be detoxified and filtered.

Which substrate in the pond?

A mixture of loam and sand has proven to be the best soil substrate. With a mixture of 50% sand and 50% clay, the plants receive a soil substrate in which they can take root sufficiently and thus find a permanent footing in the soil.

How do I get sand out of the pond?

Of course, the sand can also be sucked off with good sludge pumps and fed into a sand trap, from where the water can flow back into the pond. It will still be a light broth though.

What has to go in a pond?

A filter and a pump keep the water clean, aquatic plants such as water lilies, attractive bank plants and decorative elements make the ornamental pond a jewel in the garden.

What do you need for a pond?

Regardless of whether you want to create a pond with a pond liner or a pond basin, you need the following materials: a protective fleece, sand, pebbles, pond soil and, if necessary, plant baskets.

What do you need for a small pond?

You don’t need much for a small garden pond: a large tub or tub, a few stones, soil, water and plants. And already a small biotope is created.

What do I need for a pond filter?

Algae and cloudy water in the garden pond are best prevented with a pond filter that is suitable for the pond. This means that for a garden pond with a volume of 10,000 liters and fish stock, you should choose a filter with a maximum output of 20,000 liters. Another criterion is the location of the garden pond.

Does a pond require a permit?

Legally, a pond is a structure that may require a building permit depending on its size, depth and state. In most federal states, a permit is required for a pond volume of 100 cubic meters or a pond depth of more than two meters.

How far does a pond have to be from the neighboring property?

Keep a distance of 2.5 m and not higher than 1 m.

How deep can a pond be?

As a guideline for the necessary depth of ponds, the following can be stated: garden pond without fish at least 80 cm, for ponds with fish 120 cm as the lower limit.

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