Is it bad to go to a secondary school?

Is it bad to go to a secondary school?

Even Bavaria no longer trusts the name Hauptschule, the vast majority have just been renamed Mittelschulen and modified in the process. Baden-Württemberg took a similar path a few years ago. Now the parents decide – mostly against the secondary school.

What can you do if you can’t make it to school?

Didn’t get your school-leaving certificate? You can continue to go to school. You can go through a vocational preparation measure that prepares you for the secondary school certificate and at the same time for the apprenticeship. You can try other ways to get a job.

Is middle school bad?

Middle school as “rest school”: When children feel second-class. Middle school continues to be a contentious issue. Bavarian secondary school teachers rate their own school poorly in a survey. Pupils often find the support good – provided they have gotten rid of their self-doubt.

What’s better real or middle school?

The Mittelschule differs from a Realschule in that it places greater emphasis on career orientation (practice-oriented teaching approach, introduction of career-orientated branches of technology, economics and social affairs from the 7th grade onwards).

What is better real or whole school?

In terms of performance, the Realschule is better, since there is a mixture of Real and Hauptschule students at the Gesamtschule. therefore, the performance of the students is different and thus also the learning ability of the class.

Why middle school?

A secondary school with a wide range of educational opportunities receives the seal of approval if it regularly exhibits the following characteristics: the three career-orientated branches of technology, economics and social affairs, an all-day offer, an offer that leads to the middle school certificate.

Why is Hauptschule now called Mittelschule?

The name changes to middle school because a middle degree is offered in addition to the qualification. Minister of Education Ludwig Spaenle (CSU) wants to use his concept to protect smaller secondary schools in the country from the end. Small secondary schools are now to join forces to form school associations.

What do you mean by middle school?

Middle schools are secondary schools that follow on from high school. Depending on the type of school, they lead to different Maturas and thus enable admission to higher technical schools, technical colleges or universities.

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