Is it capitalized or lowercase after an exclamation mark?

Is it capitalized or lowercase after an exclamation mark?

Verbatim speech always starts with capital letters. After the period, exclamation mark, and question mark, capitalize.

How do you write after the hyphen?

The answer: After a hyphen, it is always written in lower case, unless it is followed by a noun.

When do you hyphenate a word?

Certain word combinations are written with a hyphen to make reading easier. There must be a hyphen in the case of multi-part compositions (groups of words). The same applies: You also write the words with a hyphen if the second component is already a compound.

When do you write a hyphen?

When should you and shouldn’t you use a hyphen? A hyphen is always used when the words together do not form a unit (such as at the ticket office), but when they are individual links. This distinction is not always easy.

Is it capitalized or lowercase after a dash?

In normal text, capital letters are continued if the colon is followed by an independent sentence. In the case of clauses or groups of words, you may only capitalize nouns, nouns, titles or names.

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