Is Latin easy to learn?

Is Latin easy to learn?

1. Latin is no more difficult to master than a modern foreign language. In the first two years of learning, there must be no gaps, neither in vocabulary nor in grammar, because there is always a build-up on the basics, but this is supported and supported by the subject German.

What can you do with Latin?

Latin was once a prerequisite for a large number of courses… Subjects for which Latin is recommended or is a basic requirementArchaeology.Egyptology.Linguistics.English.German.Romance studies.Art history.History.

For which subjects can Latin be used?

Latinum as a study requirementLatin as a study requirement. Knowledge of Latin and Greek is of great benefit for many courses, for example medicine, pharmacy and law. Latinum or knowledge of one of the following European foreign languages ​​is required for English: French, Italian, Spanish.

What do you need Latin for?

…the Latinum is required for many courses! Above all, the Latinum is required in the study of languages, cultural studies and literature. However, it must also be proven for theology, philosophy, history, archaeology, art and music.

What does the latinum bring me?

The major Latinum is awarded to anyone who completes a Matura with a major in Latin with a sufficient grade, i.e. at least the 9th grade. The minor Latinum is a prerequisite for studying European languages, history, theology and some other humanities courses.

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