Is the training to become an administrative assistant difficult?

Is the training to become an administrative assistant difficult?

In particular, the most difficult thing about the VFA is to understand the methodology of the application of the law at the beginning. If you can’t do this, then the job simply isn’t for you, as everything builds on it. You must be able to understand what facts and legal consequences are.

What do you have to do in administration?

Administrative clerks work with legal texts and figures, but also in direct contact with citizens. They collect data, create statistics, process incoming payments, conduct correspondence and create certificates, notifications and other documents.

What do you have to do as an administrative assistant?

Administrative clerks …advise citizens and organisations.carry out administrative tasks in a customer-oriented manner and based on aspects of economic efficiency.issue documents, eg passports, identity together with colleagues from various authorities.

How much do you earn in public administration?

For federal civil servants, the starting salary is in the simple service of public administration, classified in salary brackets A.90 euros to A.58 euros. In the middle service it starts with A6 (2021.84 euros). The federal government pays the highest salary group A9 with 2441.26 euros.

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