Jack Calgrove

Jack Calgrove Inducted Into Alice Lloyd College Athletic Hall of Fame

Former POW Jack Calgrove will do everything possible to reunite his family after the Civil War has concluded. When he discovers that his children, who may or may not be orphans, are headed West on an orphan train and could potentially find new homes elsewhere, Jack remains determined in his pursuit.

“He joins forces with a fellow Union soldier, an Indian sharpshooter, and a single mother to pursue the train and find its location.

Early Life and Education

Current elementary teacher at Hindman Elementary School in Knott County. ALC President Joe Stepp and former coach John Mills presented her with her plaque along with Dean of Students Scott Cornett to acknowledge her hard work.

Jack Calgrove (Presley), an officer in the Unionist army, learns of his wife’s death and that their children have been placed aboard an orphan train traveling deep into hostile territory. Joined forces with another soldier, Native American sharpshooters and freed slaves he intercepts it in an effort to save his children and get them safely home.

The film delivers a message about family being everything, as well as showing that heroes will do whatever is necessary to return their loved ones from danger. This theme is highlighted through a powerful score consisting of strings and military-inspired snare drum riffs.

Professional Career

Jack Calgrove (Brian Presley), an exhausted Union soldier returning home after the Civil War to find that his wife died from tuberculosis and their children presumed orphaned and sent off on an orphan train, desperate to reunite with them; joins forces with another former soldier and Native American sharpshooters in an attempt to intercept and stop it before it reaches Missouri.

Hostile Territory, written and directed by Brian Presley and starring Natalie Whittle as well as Cooper North, Dan Nanamkin and Lyndell Chee, is an award-winning western. It follows a Union soldier who discovers his children have been sent away on an orphan train and seeks help from former POWs and Native American sharpshooters in an attempt to intercept it before it reaches its destination. Also starring Dan Nanamkin and Lyndell Chee.

Achievement and Honors

Alice Lloyd College celebrated Homecoming week by inducting three former athletes into its Athletic Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place at Grady Nutt Athletic Center. Nicole Colegrove-Ritchie was recognized for her accomplishments on the basketball court, along with her excellent character, humility, and commitment to ALC.

Following the end of the Civil War, Union soldier Jack Calgrove discovers that his wife passed away while fighting and that their three children, Charlie (Jackson Presley), Lizzy and Ruby have boarded an Orphan Train headed west en masse and are presumed orphans. Fearing retribution against Northerners, Jack seeks assistance from fellow ex-POW Desmond Richards (Craig Tate) and single mother Alice Beggs (Natalie Whittle) to intercept this train before it travels too far west before finally stopping its journey west before it arrives too late.

This movie boasts action and a strong story of family, with Emma Presley as Lizzy, Olivia St. Peter as Addy and Brea Bee as Sarah all playing crucial roles.

Personal Life

Civil War has separated Jack Calgrove from his family. Now he is determined to locate them again in Hostile Territory where they were separated during battle. After learning his wife has died and that his children — mistaken for orphans by Civil War soldiers — have been placed on an orphan train and shipped west for adoption, Jack becomes determined to find them all again.

Jack recruits an ex-soldier, Native American sharpshooters, and a freed slave to intercept the train and save his children – creating an inspiring tale about family unity and courage under threat.

Brian Presley (Home of the Brave), Hostile Territory features Matt McCoy, Brea Bee, Bradley Leland, Cooper North, Emily Shenaut Daelyanna Benson and Brianna Elias in its cast. It premiered in cinemas April 22 and is now streaming platforms thanks to Saban Films.

Net Worth

After returning home from the Civil War, former POW Jack Calgrove (Brian Presley) learns of his wife’s death due to tuberculosis and discovers their three children Lizzy, Charlie and Ruby are being loaded onto a train headed for the West that will cross enemy lines. Working alongside another soldier and Native American sharpshooters he races against time to intercept and stop this orphan train before it crosses enemy lines and goes into attack mode.

Three years after writing, directing, and starring in The Great Alaskan Race, Brian Presley returns behind the camera for Hostile Territory – his post-Civil War western. Due out on April 22, this feature film written and directed by Presley is set to hit limited theaters and streaming platforms alike. Based on real events it features an all-star cast.

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