Jack Gilligan

Jack Gilligan in Lexington, Kentucky

While in Lexington, Jack interacted with students participating in the Newmarket-Lexington Sister Cities student exchange program and also visited landmarks like Kentucky State Capitol, Locust Trace Agriscience School, and Ale-8 Factory.

Gilligan proved unbeatable in Ohio due to his liberal leanings; yet voters may never have had an opportunity to hear about him.

Early Life and Education

Gilligan served in World War II as a naval gunner, earned a master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati and taught literature at Xavier University before winning election to Cincinnati City Council before defeating five-term Democratic senator Frank Lausche in a 1968 Democratic primary race.

Since his move to America, he has been riding and was named Harrah’s Louisiana Downs fall meet jockey of the month this year. To date he has ridden 77 horses for 21 wins and 14 seconds overall.

He credits his Lexington-Newmarket Sister Cities exchange student experience in 2012 – when he visited NARA along with another British racing school student from racing school and shadowed trainers at Fair Grounds – for helping him become a jockey. Patrick, his father who owns Thoroughbred training business in England.

Professional Career

Gilligan completed his Navy service and later pursued a master’s degree in literature while teaching at Xavier University. Additionally, he served on Cincinnati’s city council before being elected as part of Adlai Stevenson’s Democratic Party and then serving his constituents in Congress in 1964.

He was a tireless champion for those he represented, improving conditions in prisons and mental institutions, creating a state department of transportation, and compelling strip-mining companies to restore land they despoiled in pursuit of coal. His Catholic upbringing taught him that those with wealth have an obligation to aid those less fortunate than themselves.

Gilligan’s memoir, Around Kentucky with the Bug!, provides an intriguing account of fathers and sons, professional sports, and the allure of Thoroughbred racing – and has become a best seller.

Achievement and Honors

Gilligan earned the Silver Star for heroism aboard a destroyer during World War II and graduated from Notre Dame University. Additionally, he served on Cincinnati city council and Ohio state board of education before teaching literature at Xavier University of Cincinnati.

He served as governor of Ohio from 1971 to 1975 and became best-known for enacting Ohio’s first income tax through a Republican-dominated legislature. Additionally, he championed school reform and environmental concerns during this time.

Gilligan serves as the primary communications contact for Kansas softball and cross country. Additionally, he volunteers his services for men’s basketball and women’s golf teams in Kansas Athletics. Gilligan joined Kansas athletics staff as a graduate assistant in 2022.

Personal Life

Gilligan was raised with horses by Pat and Victoria Gilligan of England; as a teenager he traveled to America in pursuit of his dream to become a racehorse jockey. Unfortunately, several injuries occurred along the way including an unfortunate fall in 2020 that caused both head and shoulder damage.

He served in the Navy during World War II as a destroyer gunnery officer, earning himself a Silver Star. Subsequently he was elected to Cincinnati City Council and later to Ohio House of Representatives where he successfully advocated an income tax and encouraged strip-mining companies to repair roads. Furthermore he taught literature at Notre Dame and founded Civic Forum; an organization dedicated to bettering community life. Additionally his daughter Kathleen Sebelius now serves as governor of Kansas and secretary for health and human services respectively.

Net Worth

According to reports, one of TV’s most beloved sitcom stars reportedly makes millions annually through royalties and reruns royalties, not to mention his generous tipping habits.

Gilligan was an outspoken opponent of President Lyndon Johnson’s war policy and championed laborers, minorities and academics – groups which typically supported candidates from opposing parties. This coalition building enabled Gilligan to achieve significant political success.

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