Jamal Prince

Jamal Prince is an animatronic star from C Bear and Jamal animated show and also serves as an advocate for human rights and politics.

Abu-Jamal, son of Philadelphia radio host and Black Panther Party leader Abu-Jamal, studied at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a graduate equivalency high school degree.

Professional Career

Jamal Prince has emerged from his success on The Cosby Show to build a highly diverse professional career. In addition to acting and directing roles, he also practices cello. Winning several competitions worldwide has only furthered this impressive endeavor.

He has appeared on various television series, such as Baywatch, Walker, Texas Ranger and 7th Heaven. Additionally, he provided voiceover work for various characters (Froggy from Hey Arnold!) which are voiced over.

He holds a master’s degree in accounting and established his company ZacMabry Advisory. Additionally, he hosts The Roman Circus Podcast about Catholic culture and tradition, as well as having a passion for music that led him to win competitions such as Muriel Taylor Cello Competition and Croydon Concerto Competition.

Achievement and Honors

Jamal Prince was an influential YouTuber and social media influencer during his lifetime, credited with founding SBTV – a first music platform worldwide – which later helped launch several UK music acts such as Ed Sheeran, Dave and Jessie J.

Robert Peston and Speakers for Schools were his charities of choice; additionally, he served as an Ambassador of Prince’s Trust.

His family have established a foundation in his memory to assist causes that were dear to him, particularly youth empowerment and homelessness. They plan to provide help for mental health issues. For the last decade on Christmas Day Jamal Prince spent his time volunteering at homeless shelters.

Personal Life

Dua Lipa and Rio Ferdinand have paid their respects to Duane Sutton-Smith after his death as an influential music entrepreneur and ambassador of The Prince’s Trust charity run by Prince Charles to assist young people start up their own businesses.

On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in order to obtain paperwork for his impending marriage to Hatice Cengiz. Unfortunately, he never emerged, leading CIA analysts to suspect he had been murdered and dismembered within.

President Trump did not act decisively against Saudi Arabia or Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman following the conclusion of the CIA investigation, possibly due to his close relationships with both figures and business interests in Saudi Arabia, or because bin Salman is well known for granting immunity in cases he oversees.

Net Worth

Prince, known for both his acting and musical prowess, had amassed an enormous fortune during his impressive career. Not only was he well known as an actor but he was also highly accomplished as a musician.

His role as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show brought him worldwide recognition and success, helping to increase his net worth to an estimated $20 Million.

He is widely known for launching the careers of several talented musicians. Additionally, his wealth stems from both his musical career and endorsement deals.

He owns multiple luxury properties across London and Europe, an extensive watch collection, has donated to various charities and is close with Crown Prince Mohammed; both men have collaborated on several projects together in the past.

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