John Bechtel

John Bechtel

John Becktel has been an actor and producer since 1970. He has played the lead role in a number of movies and has won numerous awards for his work. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His career has taken him around the world, earning him a net worth of $10 million.

Early Life and Education

John Bechtel’s early life and education took place in Hong Kong. He was the son of missionaries. His father was a prisoner in a Japanese concentration camp during World War II. After his father was released, he and his mother decided to move back to China.

In order to provide for his family, John Bechtel started working as a janitor-for-hire at an Elnora high school. He later returned to the United States for college. At Houghton College, he studied art and music.

Before graduating from college, he worked as a painter for the Westinghouse/ABB Corporation. He also served as a board member of Lakeland Christian School (LCS) for many years.

As a teen, he was involved in several church planting efforts. This was followed by a stint in the US Army. While serving in the army, he also took his fiancee Donna to Hong Kong. There they felt called to serve God in a new country.

Professional Career

As a construction magnate, John Bechtel has built a career on big projects. He has worked on projects such as the 8.2-mile San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and has helped build over 90 tankers, 90 chemical plants, and 460 freighters.

Bechtel’s work on the Hoover Dam project was a major milestone in his professional career. His efforts were so successful that the dam was completed two years ahead of schedule and a half-million dollars under budget. In addition, Bechtel’s projects have involved transportation, energy, and health care.

The company is also renowned for its technical and organizational expertise. For instance, it has built bridges and pipelines for the U.S. Navy, railroads, and more. Its expertise extends to nuclear power and nuclear security.

Aside from his construction projects, Bechtel has played poker on the World Poker Tour. Among his many achievements, he won a pair of bracelets at the WSOP in 2007. He has also cashed in several other tournaments.

Achievements and Honors

John Bechtel achieved many things. He was a civil engineer, a businessman, and a director of several companies. A longtime member of the Arthur DeMoss Foundation, he served in Hong Kong for more than half a century. In 1998, the National Building Museum presented him with an Honor Award.

A graduate of Purdue University and Stanford Graduate School of Business, Bechtel was a founding director of the Bechtel Corporation and a president of the company from 1960 to 1990. He was also instrumental in establishing a training facility for Chinese house church pastors. After retirement, he continued to serve as a senior director of the Bechtel Group.

Several honorary doctorates were awarded to Bechtel. His achievements included being named a national honorary member of Chi Epsilon. He received an OPAL award for lifetime achievement in construction from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2000.

Personal Life

John Bechtel was born in Hong Kong in 1939. His father was a missionary. In the early 1940’s, his parents were imprisoned by the Japanese in a concentration camp. When his father was released, he and his mother fled back to China. He grew up as a missionary’s son.

When he was a teenager, he returned to the United States to study. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and a master’s degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He also served on the board of General Motors and International Business Machines. Among his environmental contributions, he helped to fund the National Scout Reserve in southern West Virginia.

As a child, he attended the Oberholtzer public school and the Kallynean Academy in Boyertown. A magnetic personality, he won over the students with his enthusiasm.

Net Worth

The Bechtel family has a long history of leadership in the construction industry. Founded in 1898, the company has helped build such landmarks as Hoover Dam, the Channel Tunnel, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. They’re also behind many environmental causes.

In addition to building some of the world’s most expensive and impressive structures, Bechtel also donated millions of dollars to numerous charities. It was through these donations that the Bechtel Foundation was able to contribute $25 million to renovate the Presidio of San Francisco.

Although the Bechtel Corporation was originally intended to be a family business, there are four generations of the Bechtel family involved in the company. Stephen Bechtel ran the company from 1960 to 1990. He was responsible for the expansion of the company’s global footprint.

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