Karen Peck And New River God Likes To Work

Karen Peck and New River are a Southern Gospel mixed group based out of Gainesville, Georgia. Karen is one of three daughters. Her parents took her to all-night gospel singing events in Atlanta, where she met her future husband and decided to start a musical ministry. Today, she has a full-time job as a product manager for a major music publisher.

The band has received numerous honors and awards throughout their career. Karen Peck’s soprano voice has earned her 11 Favorite Soprano Fan Awards from The Singing News Magazine and has earned countless radio airplay accolades. The group has had more than 20 Number One hits and has received other prestigious recognition. In addition, “Four Days Late” has been named the Song of the Decade for the decade 2000-2010 by The Singing News Magazine.

The group has also been honored with numerous awards from the Southern Gospel Music industry. The trio has garnered eleven Favorite Soprano Fan Awards and many other accolades. The trio has also had five No. 1 songs on the Southern Gospel Music airplay charts. The group has performed on The Grand Ole Opry and numerous other television networks. They have received many awards and nominations, including the American Gospel Music Association’s Best Pop Vocal Duo.

The musical team of New River is comprised of Karen Peck, her husband Rickey Gooch, and sister Susan Peck Jackson. Other members of the band include Dawn Hughes, the road manager, and sound technician. The Pecks have been touring with the group since 1991. The group has been a staple of the gospel music industry for over 30 years and won the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Soprano for eleven consecutive years.

In addition to receiving numerous awards, Karen Peck and New River have achieved personal and professional success. The trio has received eleven Favorite Soprano Fan Awards from the Singing News Magazine, the leading Southern Gospel trade publication. In addition, they have scored over 20 Number One hits with their songs, including “Four Days Late.” Those songs are still in the charts! This is the perfect time to listen to the music of the Karen Peck and New River.

The members of the group have worked hard to make their music as popular as possible. They have won numerous awards and are a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. They have received several other honors as well. Besides the Grammys, Karen Peck and New River has received countless other awards, including the Fan’s Choice Award from The Singing News Magazine. In addition, their songs have won numerous other music awards, and they have five consecutively reached the #1 spot on the Southern Gospel Music charts.

The trio’s career has been a resounding success. They have won numerous honors and have over 20 No. 1 songs in Southern Gospel Music. Their hit single “Four Days Late” has been named Song of the Decade for 2000-2010 by Singing News Magazine. Aside from that, their albums have also been featured on several television networks. This is why Karen Peck and New River are a part of the gospel music industry.

The band has received countless honors and has received numerous radio hits. Their songs have hit the No. 1 spot on the southern gospel music airplay charts. In addition to this, Karen Peck and New River have won 11 Singing News fan awards, including the “Four Days Late” chart. The group’s songs have also won several awards, including the “Four Day’s Late” and “Alone.”

The team of Karen Peck and New River consists of three members: her husband, Rickey, and his sister Susan Peck. They also have a sound technician, Rickey Peck, and David Peck, the founder of the Jackson Steel Guitar Company. The team has been touring since 1991 and has won 11 Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite Soprano.

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