Katharine Houghton Net Worth

Katharine Houghton Net Worth – Famous Movie Actress

Katharine Houghton is an acclaimed Movie Actress from Connecticut with an estimated net worth of $37 Million. She earned her fortune through professional movie acting work.

Houghton rose to fame after her appearance in the groundbreaking 1967 interracial-dating-themed film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Katharine Hepburn played her mother character; thus becoming an integral part of this groundbreaking work.

Early Life and Education

Katharine Houghton is an American actress and playwright. She has appeared in various Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and written and produced over ten original plays herself.

Once she graduated from Bryn Mawr College, she joined a stock theater company and embarked on her acting career. For most of her time spent as an actress she remained within theatre but eventually ventured into film acting.

She became known for her role as Joanna Drayton in the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; Katharine Hepburn played her character’s mother.

Katharine Houghton keeps her personal life private and is currently unattached; although, she has had some casual dating relationships in the past that have never become serious relationships.

Professional Career

Katharine Houghton became widely recognized through her role as Joanna Drayton in the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Katharine Hepburn had played her character’s mother role.

She has performed in multiple Broadway and off-Broadway productions, written and directed ten plays herself and amassed an extensive list of credits on television and film productions.

Houghton has been married twice and is mother of two. Previously engaged to actor Sidney Poitier, Houghton also had relationships with Spencer Tracy and Howard Hughes before becoming a Christian and studying theater – she still participates in regional productions as a practicing Christian.

Achievement and Honors

Katharine Houghton, an esteemed movie actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood through her exceptional performances and immense talent, has established herself in the entertainment world through several blockbuster movies which she starred in and garnered many accolades throughout her career.

Houghton Hepburn’s father, Hartford physician Thomas Norval Hepburn and Katharine Martha Hepburn – both women’s rights advocates – encouraged her to express herself creatively through acting. At eight years old she dramatized Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin for performances by neighborhood children at a theater her parents had built in their backyard.

Houghton was an active member of Bryn Mawr’s theater department, taking part in numerous productions as an active actor and playwright. Additionally, she wrote eleven works which have been staged.

Personal Life

Katharine Houghton is an esteemed actress hailing from United States. Born March 10, 1945 and currently aged 78 years, Katharine has become one of the best known film actors of her time.

She has appeared in countless acclaimed films and TV shows throughout her career, earning many prestigious awards.

As well as acting, she has also written and directed plays that have been presented at multiple locations across the country.

As for her personal life, she is married to actor and writer Ken Jenkins and has an actress niece Schuyler Grant whom she also raised as her own child. Additionally, she is well known for her interest in feminist issues – serving as president of Connecticut Women’s Suffrage Association; participating in picket lines against suffragettes while also speaking before Congress; birth control activism is another area where she excels.

Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, IMDb and other online sources, Katharine Houghton has amassed a net worth estimated at $37 Million as an accomplished film actress. She earned this fortune through professional acting.

Houghton performed in numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions as well as writing and producing over ten original plays, such as her performance as Joanna (Joey) Drayton in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; Katharine Hepburn played her mother.

She championed women’s rights, speaking out at rallies and before Congress for this cause. Additionally, she became actively involved with birth control activism – becoming friends with Margaret Sanger (founder of American Birth Control League).

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