Leonel Fernandez Reyna Net Worth

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Leonel Fernandez Reyna is the founder of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development based out of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic and also president of World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Early Life and Education

Leonel Fernandez Reyna was born December 26th 1953 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Jose Antonio Fernandez Collado and Yolanda Reyna Romero. After completing high school in Washington Heights of New York City he returned home and attended law studies at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo before studying internationally at an affiliate law firm in Panama and Jamaica.

He serves as President of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, an independent, nonprofit institution which analyzes key national and international topics, develops innovative proposals of a strategic nature for public policies, enhance the quality of national debates and train local human resources.

Leonel Fernandez has contributed to Foreign Affairs Magazine Spanish Edition and joined the Inter-American Dialogue, as well as being married and fathering one daughter, Yolanda America Maria. According to numerology, Leonel Fernandez’s life path number 2 represents community and harmony – qualities which motivate his work.

Professional Career

Dominican politician and former President of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Oscar Castro has enjoyed a distinguished professional career. A member of executive world leaders club, as well as contributing writer for Foreign Affairs Magazine Spanish edition.

He serves on the boards of both the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington and Inter-American Dialogue, earning numerous awards and acknowledgments for his service and work.

Fernandez has several children from his previous marriages. Yolanda America Maria Fernandez Cedeno works as a journalist in New York. At this time, Fernandez remains single and prefers to keep his personal life private. Born December 26 1953 and having amassed an estimated net worth of $85. Million as of 2024.

Achievement and Honors

Fernandez became actively engaged with politics at an early age, holding the post of Secretary General of the Student Association of the Faculty of Political and Judicial Sciences during his early college years. He actively took part in vindictive events of that era before earning his Juris Doctor degree with honors.

After his graduation, he joined the Dominican Liberation Party and quickly advanced through its ranks, eventually being elected president in 1996 and serving two terms until 2004.

Leonel Fernandez made great strides during his presidency to advance technology and infrastructure within his nation, helping ease tensions among neighboring nations in the Caribbean region. For his efforts, Latin Trade magazine named Fernandez its Business Leader of the Year for 2018.

Personal Life

Leonel Fernandez was born on December 26th 1953 in Santo Domingo. After earning his Juris Doctor with honors from Autonomous University of Santo Domingo he actively engaged in student activism during his college days.

He is a member of both the Dominican Republic United Nations Association and Inter-American Dialogue; additionally he serves as President of Club of Executives.

He founded the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development as a non-profit research institute that is dedicated to studying vital issues facing both countries and world, developing strategic proposals, designing public policies, training human resources and encouraging community harmony and relationships. Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Angela Merkel have become good friends of his.

Net Worth

Fernandez was born December 26th 1953 in Santo Domingo and according to numerology has the life path number 2. People with this number tend to prioritize community and harmony over individual success, often picking up on people’s emotions without realizing it themselves.

He studied at Washington Heights High School in New York City before continuing on to the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo for his university studies. Now, he serves as President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations and member of Inter-American Dialogue.

He has been accused of corruption numerous times throughout his political career. These allegations have left a stain on his legacy and it remains uncertain whether or not he will ever return to the presidency.

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