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Mondo’s Over the Garden Wall Piano Score

Over The Garden Wall was Cartoon Network’s first animated miniseries. Mondo is proud that the soundtrack has been released. The album will ship in five to seven business day. Pre-ordered items and other items will be shipped together. This amazing soundtrack is now available! Here are a few reasons to listen to the Over the Garden Wall piano score. This will be a great addition to your collection if you enjoyed the movie or the miniseries.

Over the Garden Wall (miniseries).

Over the Garden Wall is an animated miniseries about two half-brothers, Wirt, and Greg as they explore a mysterious area. Along the way, they encounter the talking bluebird Beatrice, woodsman, and an evil presence. The miniseries’ first two seasons have been adapted into feature films. They have received great critical acclaim. Some viewers may find the miniseries too childish.

Over the Garden Wall is an American animated miniseries that focuses on two half-brothers Wirt and Greg. It aired on Cartoon Network in 2014, and won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. The show received a 92% Rotten Tomatoes Rating. It’s an appropriate choice for families with younger children, thanks to the stellar cast. The creator, Patrick McHale, also worked on the hit Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time.

Over the Garden Wall is the first animated miniseries to premiere on Cartoon Network. Creator Patrick McHale conceived the series in 2004. He pitched his idea to Cartoon Network in 2006, and they were interested in producing a pilot. The pilot’s success was the catalyst for the series. Production began in Burbank, California, in 2014, and was completed by the South Korean studio Digital eMation. The environment of Over the Garden Wall is reminiscent of 19th century Americana, complete with grisaille paintings.

Another episode, ‘The Old Grist Mill’, set the tone for the entire series. The episode, which is a mere ten minutes long, sets the tone for the series. This episode employs a haunting atmosphere that is enhanced by the use of a musical leitmotif, and the voice performances are stellar. This episode is a masterclass at setting mood. It’s hard to find a better example of the same type of atmosphere in television.

A similar storyline to Over the Garden Wall is Gravity Falls. Both movies are based on the lives of two sisters. Gravity Falls also takes inspiration from “The X Files” and “Twin Peaks,” but both shows center on the paranormal and folklore. Fans will enjoy the series’ two-season format.


Over the Garden Wall is an animated film series produced by Cartoon Network. The music from the series includes several classics, including “Into the Unknown.” This mystical song is also featured on the piano soundtrack to the show. The original song was recorded in the 1800s. It was later modified to suit the new context. It has since become one of the most popular soundtracks for animated television shows. This piano soundtrack will keep you entertained throughout the animated movie.

The Over The Garden Wall piano soundtrack is an excellent choice for fans of this animated film. The tracklist includes songs by Woody Guthrie and Elijah Wood. The characters are animated and full-of-character throughout the series. The soundtrack includes Americana songs such as “America the Beautiful”, “Jane Got a Big Yellow Taxi,” and “Wigwam.”

Into the Unknown

“Into the Unknown” opens the animated series Over the Garden Wall. It’s a beautiful, mystical song that evokes wonder and awe. It is one of the few pieces that can invoke feelings of wonder and awe. And if you like the musical score, you’ll definitely want to listen to this song! Read on to find out more.

The Unknown is a place of legend and myth, and was inspired by American folklore as well as European folklore. It is believed that the Distillatoria is where Greg and Wirt find refuge after the Unknown. The story starts with the characters Greg and Beatrice making their way out of the Unknown. The characters are frightened by the dark, and Beatrice has to sacrifice herself to save her friends.

In the first minute, the show shows a montage of events and characters. We then see blurry shadowy images. Later, it was revealed that this is Greg and Wirt swimming in the river. Then we see a giant dog drawn to a piece of candy Greg left on the garden wall. Greg and Wirt also attempt to escape Limbo by jumping over a garden wall, but the train that they were on ends up knocking them both unconscious.

The Over the Garden Wall soundtrack contains original music from the series as well as covers of Woody Guthrie songs. Its autumnal theme fits the mood of the series and its two brothers. The music from this series is evocative of autumn, and the soundtrack is an excellent accompaniment to the film. Over the Garden Wall is a great family entertainment option if you are a fan. It’s sure to be a hit!

While Over the Garden Wall was originally intended for children, it quickly became a cult classic. The film’s nostalgic animation and folky soundtrack make it a timeless classic. Fans of the cartoon have an annual Halloween rewatch, and it’s even the subject of cosplay at Comic Con! Is Over the Garden Wall a Disney film? If you’re thinking about watching it, be sure to catch it on Cartoon Network!

Over the Garden Wall (song)

Into the Unknown is a song from the movie Over the Garden Wall, and is performed by Jack Jones and Over the Garden Wall. Released by Cartoon Network / WaterTower Music, this song was first performed on a radio show during November, 2014. The original soundtrack was produced by James Newton Howard. The song is a popular choice for a high-energy dance party. Although it lacks the energy of other songs, it is danceable enough for most people.

Over the Garden Wall is a cult classic and was originally intended for children. The song was inspired by an obscure book by the same name. The song features an obscure visual style that is reminiscent of The Complete Optimist’s aesthetic. Other influences include Rocky Horror Picture Show and Breaking Bad. The video for the song is upbeat and fun. It is both a rousing song and a suspenseful and tense song.

Cartoon Network also produced a cartoon miniseries called Over the Garden Wall. The story centers on two brothers who become lost in the woods. The music is beautiful and entrancing. The animation is animated and features an autumn setting and colorful characters. Hulu also has the series. Christopher Lloyd and Melanie Lynskey play the half-brother roles of Greg and Beatrice, respectively. Tim Curry and BebeNeuwirth are the voices of Over the Garden Wall. John C. W. McGraw wrote the lyrics and also composed the music.

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