Linkin Park Net Worth

Linkin Park Net Worth

Linkin Park is one of the most successful bands of the 21st century. They have sold over 70 million records worldwide. The band has won a number of awards and nominations including six Grammy Awards. In addition, they have also won the MTV Video Music Award, the Billboard Music Award, and the People’s Choice Award.

Chester Bennington, the lead singer and co-founder of Linkin Park, was born on March 20, 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. He had an interest in music from an early age. He was in several bands before he joined Linkin Park. He married Talinda Ann Bentley in 2006. He was married to Samantha Marie Olit in 1996. They divorced in 2005.

Chester Bennington’s fame began in the late 1990s. He became the frontman of Linkin Park and achieved success. After leaving Stone Temple Pilots, he worked on various projects and was featured in several TV shows. He cited Depeche Mode as a major influence.

He was 41 years old when he died in July 2017. According to his girlfriend, he took his own life by hanging himself at his Los Angeles home. The cause was ruled as suicide by hanging. The bandmates were devastated by his death. It was estimated that Bennington’s music rights are worth $5 million. The band had plans to release a post traumatic album in response to his death.

In the last decade, Linkin Park released five albums. The sixth, Living Things, returned the band to a more pop sound. The band is best known for its fusion of nu metal and rap metal genres. The group has been nominated for 197 awards.

In 2004, Linkin Park teamed up with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and raised money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami. They donated $75,000 to the fund. Later, they set up their own nonprofit organization, Music for Relief, to help those affected by natural disasters. The group has helped raise millions of dollars for those in need. They have also participated in numerous charitable events.

After the success of their first album, Linkin Park continued to release more and more hits. Their next two albums were more experimental, combining elements of their previous albums with more electronic sounds. They even experimented with a different musical style on the fourth album. The band layered their music with more electronic sounds and explored a wider variety of musical types on the fifth and sixth albums.

The band teamed up with Jay-Z for a concert. They performed at a short set in Westwood Village after the movie premiere. They also completed work on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack. They have also participated in the Live 8 benefit concerts. Their efforts have helped raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They have also toured around the world.

Linkin Park’s music director, Mike Shinoda, has been involved with the band since its founding. He has been the lead vocalist, principal songwriter, and record producer. He has collaborated with other musicians, such as Lupe Fiasco and Bamford Watch Department. He also contributes to charitable organizations, such as the Happy Hearts Fund, the Urban Zen Foundation, and the United Nations Foundation.

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