Manga Like Ore To Kawazu-san No Isekai Hourouki

Manga Like Ore to Kawazu-san No Isekai Hourouki

If you’re a manga fan, you’ve likely heard of Manga like Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki. It is a popular slice-of-life manga written by Kuzumochi, Kasa. There are 41 translated chapters so far. If you’re looking for a great manga to read, you’ve come to the right place!


A gag-based manga adapted from the web series, Senyuu is a fun read with 32 chapters and two volumes. Originally serialized under Shueisha’s Jump SQ, the series has now been made into an anime adaptation for the Winter 2013 Anime season. It’ll run for two seasons with 13 five-minute episodes each. It’s already been adapted into an anime series titled “Senyu”, which will have its own sequel of the same length.

The premise is simple: a mysterious old magician summons an ordinary university student, named Tarou, to a parallel universe. There, he learns that he possesses a magical power of eight million. He uses his abnormally powerful magic to bring back Kawazu, one of the world’s strongest magicians.

Another interesting concept is the reincarnation of a man into a sword. The main character learns how to control his sword body, and then grows in power and strength, becoming a stronger and more powerful version of himself than any human being. The manga is extremely well written and has an engaging storyline. This series will keep you reading until the end.

Despite the fact that isekai anime is becoming over saturated in recent years, the manga still has potential for adaptation into an anime. Its protagonists are often thrust into strange situations. While most of them will be stranded in bizarre situations, a few standouts are Re: Zero, Reincarnated As A Slime, and The Faraway Paladin. If the manga has been successful in a film adaptation, it is still worth considering.

Misumi Makoto

The story of the Misumi Makoto manga begins when she was a regular high school student. A goddess summoned her to another world by making an agreement with her, and it was in this world that she met the only goddess in the entire universe. Makoto then travels to other worlds and encounters people, nonhumans, and even a dragon and giant spider.

In the second manga, Makoto returns to Asora, but finds herself overwhelmed by the new world and the new people who have migrated. Although he considers migration to Asora a good thing, he fails to vetting his people thoroughly, and he quickly loses his temper when an adventurer escapes.

The third Misumi Makoto manga, Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki, follows the second. In this installment, Makoto and Mio are traveling together, and the two women are enchanted by the magical flower. The two of them are seduced by the enchanted flower and go on to a battle.

The third chapter, “Mio the Black Spider of Calamity,” introduces a new character to the Misumi Makoto manga. Mio, or “Black Spider of Calamity,” is a mythical creature that has terrorized humans and demi-humans for centuries. Makoto convinced Shiki to learn magic, and she is now in his servitude.

The old wizard

In the beginning of the manga, Tarou is just an ordinary university student. But soon, an old wizard summons him to a magical world. Upon discovering that his magical power is 8 million, Tarou uses this strangely powerful magic to revive Kawazu, the former strongest magician. In the end, he manages to save the world, despite his own fear that he will be thrown back into his dream.

The old wizard in manga like Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki is a character who wants to pass on his magic to his apprentice. The main character, Jee-Han, is a gamer who loves playing RPG games. Soon, every task he completes becomes a quest, as he learns about new stats and levels. In addition, Jee-Han begins to interact with other gamers who possess similar abilities.

Both manga are filled with crazy magical abilities and a “why not?” attitude. They’re both Person In a Strange World manga, and both contain game elements. The difference lies in the level of seriousness in each manga. Anime is a very different beast. Anime is a form of entertainment than the former.


Ore to Kawazu-san no isekaiji hourouki follows an ordinary college student Tarou. He is summoned to another world by a mysterious old magician, and soon discovers that his magical power is eight million times more powerful than his own. He uses his powerful magic to revive the former strongest magician, Kawazu.

Back-and-forth banter

The frog-man is the main antagonist of Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki, a light novel series that spans ten volumes. The plot is simple enough: the main character, Tarou, is an ordinary university student who decides to revive Kawazu, a magical frog. This leads to lots of back-and-forth banter between the two.

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