Maria Estella Net Worth

Maria Estella is an esteemed American make-up artist known for posting videos to YouTube focused on fashion and beauty. She is married to Beau Romero and lives in California.

She’s part of the Us Always family YouTube channel with over one million+ followers and she enjoys filming Vlogs as well as participating in various pranks and challenges.

Early Life and Education

Maria Estella Cuevas is an established YouTube personality known for posting makeup tutorials, family videos and challenges on her channel. Additionally, she boasts over 550,000 followers on Instagram under the mariaestella_xo handle.

She has amassed significant wealth through her videos and established herself as an artistic talent. Additionally, she has given back to society through various philanthropic endeavors.

She resides in Bakersfield, California with her husband Beau Romero and three children Joshua, Damian and Serenity – Joshua being one of her two sons and Damian being one of her daughter’s – running a family-based YouTube channel called “Us Always”. Using this platform they share everyday experiences while spreading positivity among the audience; often featuring adorable children featured in vlogs which has helped gain them popularity with viewers.

Professional Career

Maria Estella is an iconic TikTok and YouTube personality with over 170,000 subscribers to her channel and 550,000+ followers on Instagram (@mariaestella_xo).

Estella is an accomplished artist with an exceptional set of talents that allows her to craft captivating content for international audiences. Her hard work ethic and love for her craft has propelled her to success.

She continues to push the limits of YouTube Star and is internationally respected for her work. Additionally, her philanthropic efforts and successful business ventures have contributed significantly to her impressive net worth. With such a huge following and captivating content creation efforts it is no wonder why her popularity continues to skyrocket.

Achievement and Honors

Maria Estella has achieved tremendous success as a YouTube Star, leaving an indelible mark in the industry through her work. Her success speaks volumes of Maria’s hard work and devotion; her success stands as proof.

She is renowned for her beauty and fashion vlogs on YouTube, garnering a large fan base on Instagram where she posts photographs with motivational captions.

Family is also an integral part of her life and she regularly features Beau, Joshua and Damian as well as Serenity in her vlogs.

Maria Estella has an uplifting and friendly demeanor, making her so beloved among fans. We cannot wait to witness all she will achieve in future years!

Personal Life

Maria Estella has established herself as one of the premier social media influencers worldwide, as evidenced by her net worth and hard work. Thanks to this success she has managed to diversify her income streams while carving a successful path within the beauty industry.

She is best-known for her YouTube channel where she regularly uploads family vlogs, challenges and makeup tutorial videos. Additionally, she boasts over 579K followers on TikTok.

No matter her busy schedule, she remains dedicated to giving back to the community and has made philanthropy a central component of her business strategy. Her generous nature has earned her widespread respect. Currently she resides in California with her spouse.

Net Worth

Maria Estella has established an ardent fan base on social media thanks to her hard work and perseverance, helping her climb the ladder of success.

She has become widely popular thanks to her lip-sync videos. Her Instagram account boasts over 600K followers who follow her. She posts images featuring unique poses and styles on Instagram.

She regularly posts family vlogs to her YouTube channel Us Always and endorses various brands.

Thus, she earns an impressive income through her professional ventures, estimated to be at around $1.5 Million by 2024. Her success serves as an inspiration to others as she overcame numerous hurdles along the way to achieve such results; thus proving that determination and hard work can make any individual or business thrive.

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