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Ducks Unlimited Feature George Meyers Decoys

The best duck decoys look lifelike and add movement to any spread, while remaining resistant to glare and maintaining their appearance over time.

Avian-X decoys offer more realistic body positions than many other brands; wood duck drakes often pose with their heads raised above the water as if on guard, which adds another realistic touch.

Early Life and Education

A small canvasback decoy with tight head, tack eyes and exquisite original paint created by an Ohio carver who left behind several pieces that have been featured in turn-of-the-century county, state or industry publications. Branded by John Alexander Hadden Sr. who maintained an extensive decoy collection including teals, mallards and black ducks.

Meyer and VOP had two primary missions by early 2022: intercepting migrants at the U.S. border while pushing for what Meyer calls “safe houses” that can shelter children that pedophiles or government agencies might abduct, along with disseminating false narratives online that encourage followers to target CPS officials.

Professional Career

Avian-X full body mallards look very realistic without glare in bright sunlight and won’t scare ducks away from your spread. I highly recommend using them.

Between fire alarms, he would spend his free time creating and painting decoys. Additionally, he went on numerous waterfowl hunts into Michigan.

Bill Enright was proud of his blue-collar background, designing decoys that were useful hunting tools for his customers. His pintail decoys became particularly acclaimed after winning a 1948 national decoy makers’ contest in New York City; these won him widespread popularity after that win! Bill was an independent businessman from Toledo whose income and hunting was supplemented with serious decoy production in his garage; these pieces are well documented and feature in various publications.

Achievement and Honors

Meyer is well known for his wood carving talents, but also makes generous donations of wooden sculptures to raise funds for wildlife conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited. For years he has donated carvings directly.

His decoys feature cork bodies with folky angular heads. He is widely recognized as having invented vertical dowels and lead sheet weights as techniques used by some modern carvers in his decoy creations, now used by some contemporary carvers as well.

As is typical for blue-collar carvers, he attempted to create decoys that would be useful for hunters. An example is his pintail hens with their mortise-and-tenon inserted bills, signature rumps and old paint finish. Additionally, HEB produced canvasback drakes (pictured here); although some of their old paint has faded with time; overall its condition remains good.

Personal Life

George Rigby uses traditional tools and methods to carve decoys from cedar and cork blocks. Utilizing knives, hatchets, and rasps as necessary he crafts pieces of wood into heads and bodies for his decoys.

His work can be recognized by its characteristic combination of resting low head and alert high head postures, vertical dowels, carved eyes and lead sheet weights in his rigs – qualities described as master carvers by Kangas in Decoys – A North American Survey.

John was one of the earliest members of Winous Point and is well documented in various books. A salesman by profession, John supplemented his income and hunting by creating decoys in his home workshop that were easily identifiable with their distinctive rumps; these decoys included canvasbacks, black ducks and redheads.

Net Worth

Meyers’ net worth has been estimated at $35-40 million according to various sources, as per various estimates. He earned approximately $9-12 million per year as head coach of Ohio State and Jacksonville; although, due to being fired by Jacksonville after their contract ended. Furthermore, Meyers reportedly earns $5 million each year hosting Late Night.

Meyer is one of the wealthiest women in the world due to her mother’s inheritance, owning a multi-billion-dollar cosmetics company with mass market brands such as Maybelline and Essie as well as high-end beauty companies such as L’Oreal and Yves Saint Laurent.

She has also invested in real estate, television and film. Additionally, she is actively engaged with charity work; supporting such causes as Amnesty International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cycle for Survival Forgotten Harvest Memorial Sloan-Kettering among many more.

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