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Modern room divider ideas for more aesthetics and order in the living area

In modern interior design, as in all other areas of life, there are certain designs that prove to be a new trend every few years. This also applies to modern room dividers, which are currently very much in vogue. These have little in common with the room dividers in the 70s or 80s and are characterized by a very attractive design. They embody the new aesthetic thinking of modern people and at the same time create more order and privacy in the living area. Depending on their function, the room dividers have to divide a large room with an open living concept into two or more functional zones. Very often the dining area is separated from the actual living area by a room divider, but they still belong to a common open space. Modern room dividers do not aim to reduce or overload the ambience. On the contrary, they introduce more comfort, clarity and order into every home. Our room divider ideas try to convince you of this.

Raumteiler Ideen Landhaus

Modern room divider ideas are perfect in any ambience. Shown here is one made of wood that separates the dining room.

  • Modern room divider ideas viewed from a practical point of view

Nowadays there are many ways to divide a large living space into individual zones. These include lattice-like screens, open shelves or partitions of various types. Light curtains or drapes can also take on the function of delimiting a room or only separating a certain zone from it. Even a sofa or a shelf behind the sofa serves the same purpose. When designing modern room dividers, there are no limits to human creativity. Geometric shapes are skilfully interwoven here to form a whole partition. Transparency is very important to these room divider ideas. The point here is not to create an extra room in the room, but rather to try to separate individual zones within an overall room concept. So you can sit undisturbed in front of the box or work in your own home office while you also have a look at the other part of the living area. Yes, at least now and then!

Raumteiler Ideen sehr gelungen das Home Office abgrenzen mehr Privatsphäre sichern

Very successful room divider ideas to delimit the home office and to ensure a lot of privacy for the worker there.

In small apartments you can easily create a sleeping zone within a large living room and separate it with a modern screen. The following picture shows how to do this.

The bedroom can also be part of the open space concept, but it has to be a bit separated.

Raumteiler Ideen das Schlafzimmer absondern durch Paravent sehr interessantes Design

Image 6: These are modern room divider ideas! An open shelf separates the dining and living areas and offers enough space to display books, souvenirs and small flower pots.

Room divider ideas for dining and living areas separate space for books souvenirs flower pots

  • Modern room divider ideas viewed from an aesthetic point of view

You can also opt for a room divider that combines many practical functions, but also contributes a lot to the aesthetics of the room. For example, there are open shelves in the specialist market that are used as room dividers. On the one hand, they offer enough space to display books, pictures or souvenirs. Even two or three flower pots would not be out of place there. In addition to this practical aspect, they have a high aesthetic value. These room divider ideas ensure more order and better clarity in the room, which is the basis of every modern living concept.

Moderne Raumteiler Ideen für mehr Ordnung zu Hause

Modern room divider ideas create more order at home.

In our picture gallery we have brought together great, super modern room divider ideas. Now scroll down and let this inspire you for your own design with a chic room divider.

Raumteiler Ideen gitterähnlich aus Holz sondert den Essbereich ab

A grid-like room divider made of wood separates the dining area.

Raumteiler Ideen gitterähnlich aus Holz und Metall

Raumteiler Ideen aus Holz Metall und Glas

Raumteiler Ideen aus Metall und Glas sondert den Essbereich ab

Raumteiler Ideen früher im Landhaus Durchsichtigkeit sichern

Room divider ideas used to look like this. These can still be seen in country houses.

Drehbare Wand moderne Variante der Raumteiler Ideen schickes Design

Today a rotating wall is the modern variant of the room divider ideas.

Leichte Gardinen moderne Variante der Raumteiler Ideen trennen Bereiche ab

Or light curtains that separate areas.

Raumteiler Ideen aus Holzplatten im visuellen Einklang mit dem Teppich im Raum

Raumteiler Ideen gitterähnlich aus Metall sondern Bereiche ab

schickes Regal aus Holz und Metall als Raumteiler eingesetzt

schickes Regal aus Metall als Raumteiler eingesetzt interessante Formen

einfach aber praktisch Raumteiler Ideen trennen Bereiche ab

schicker Raumteiler aus Holz eingesetzt moderne Raumteiler Ideen

modernen Raumteiler

A rotating television is built into this modern room divider. How do you like the idea?

moderne Raumteiler Ideen einzelne Holzbretter schickes Design

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