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Modern table lamps as inspiration for your room furnishings

The items in our current collection not only serve as decoration, but also as indispensable accent pieces in modern living spaces. We proudly present you modern table lamps for 2016.

From practical to gorgeous: both functionality and design play major roles in the manufacture of these lights. The impressive, sleek designs do without some essential elements (e.g. the lampshade) for an unconventional look.

This LED lamp consists of two glass parts connected by an aluminum ring and a silicone cover. The gorgeous model imitates a drop of glass.

Bauhaus designer table lamps glass LED lighting-modern lamps

Bauhaus designer table lamps made of glass with LED lighting

The clean and straight lines of this table lamp with brackets are flexible and can be set up in different positions. The functional design paired with timeless presence could be placed where it is needed.

Originally elegant slim work table lamp with clamp base metal modern lamps

This slim desk lamp made of metal looks original and elegant

The traditional wooden table lamp is interpreted in a modern way. This well-proportioned model impresses with its decorative elements and harmonious-looking lampshade. The designer piece is suitable for every room.

Table lamps made of wood-modern lamps

Table lamp made of wood

This modern floor lamp is reminiscent of the Asian furnishing style with its shade woven from bamboo. This fantastic designer lamp in black stands out from the competition. In which room would you use this lamp?

Table lamps bamboo modern design designer idea-modern lamps

Table lamp bamboo with a modern design

The next table lamp in a dark, real leather look is a real eye-catcher and takes up a lot of space in the room due to its size. The retro look would go best with a home decor in brown and yellow.

Table lamps luxury design modern lamps

Table lamps with luxury design

This petite and feminine design creates the illusion on draping. Very upscale, this table lamp is reminiscent of times gone by and comes into its own in the center of the room.

Wonderful white table lamps-modern lamps

Wonderful white table lamp – a gem in every room

Did you like today’s ideas for room design with modern table lamps?

White modern table lamps-modern lamps

White modern table lamp serves as an eye-catcher in any ambience

Weiss bauhaus look table lamps design - modern lamps

White table lamp in the Bauhaus look

Table lamps modern metal base-modern lamps

Table lamp with a modern metal base

Table lamps design white high-gloss modern lamps

White table lamp with high gloss

Table lamps in a modern and functional design -Modern lamps

Table lamps in a modern and functional design

Table lamps Design lamps High-gloss modern lamps

Table lamps for your bedside or side table

Ceramic table lamps -Modern lamps

Ceramic table lamps

Luxury designer table lamp black high-gloss modern lamps

This designer table lamp in black and high gloss creates a modern flair at home

Luxury design designer table lamp copper-modern lamps

Luxury design with this table lamp made of copper

Hotel wall lamp metal lampshade-modern lamps

Hotel wall lamp made of metal with a large lampshade in beige

Exclusive table lamp with black wooden base, sleek, stylish, modern lamps

Exclusive table lamp with wooden base in black ensures the stylish look in the ambience

Elegant table lamp pink-modern lamps

Elegant table lamp in pink brings a lot of romance into the room

Lighting ideas table lamp table lamp gray modern-modern lamps

Lighting ideas – modern table lamp

Designer table lamp high-gloss steel-modern lamps

Designer table lamp with high gloss made of steel

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