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More style with fine cutlery and silverware

Modern table and home decor can have several aspects and one of them is undoubtedly the selected cutlery and crockery that we bring to our dining table. You certainly want more sophistication and timeless charm that will transform your everyday table into a festively decorated table. We can help you in this regard and give you some useful tips on where to find the cutlery & silverware you want. You can easily fulfill your wish yourself or please friends and relatives with a precious gift on a special occasion. If you enjoy shopping online, you can easily come across imperishable beauties for your home. With the fine cutlery and silverware, your dinner could be pure pleasure for the eyes, the palate and the soul!

Tradition and craftsmanship go hand in hand with creativity and sophistication

Robbe & Berking is a silver manufacturer that looks back on centuries of tradition. It was founded in 1874 as a family business, which focused on the silversmith’s art. Valuable knowledge and manual dexterity have been passed on from generation to generation over the course of many years, until today, when silver processing has been brought to its highest level, so that the products of this company are today among connoisseurs as unsurpassed in this field. Because timeless elegance and the best quality are top priorities at Robbe & Berking.

silver cutlery-1

Noble silver cutlery brings sophistication and charm to your dining table!

silver cutlery-3

Silver cutlery for all occasions

No ordinary dining accessories, but cutlery of unique value

The traditional craft of the experienced master silversmiths from Robbe & Berking is a synonym for classic sophistication and captivating charm. Their offer is so varied and rich that it can get a bit confused. It goes from fine silver cutlery to silver-plated and extends to stainless steel cutlery. Here you will find 5-piece sets and those of 30 pieces, collections made of real sterling silver and those with a silver-plated edition. There are even specials such as children’s cutlery, chopsticks, and space dividers. If you want to organize a very special kind of dinner for two at home, the special “Dinner for Two” set would be the right choice for you. Yes, here you can always find something suitable for you depending on your personal preferences and individual style. However, it is worthwhile to thoroughly search the website of the best silver cutlery manufacturer, because there is still a lot waiting to be discovered by inquisitive and fashion-conscious customers.

silver-plated cutlery

This silver-plated cutlery is synonymous with timeless elegance and perfection


Top quality tableware

Expression of a glamorous lifestyle and the finest table culture

Robbe & Berking silver goods are known worldwide and are in demand again and again because of their fine workmanship and stylish appearance. At Robbe & Berking you can find out more about their wide range of products and inspire you to make a purchase. Because the fine cutlery and silverware bring timeless elegance to your dining table. They combine perfection with classic design, top quality with an enchanting look. These are the best products that speak for style and upscale table and home decor. Isn’t that what you dreamed of? Now you can make your best dream come true!


If you like to eat Chinese ……… ..


you can find what best suits your preferences


Classic look and fine silver sheen in one


This noble silverware can be the absolute eye-catcher on every festively decorated table!

noble silverware-2

Made with attention to detail

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