Morris Cerullo Net Worth

Morris Cerullo Net Worth is an American televangelist widely recognized for his faith healing claims as well as his vast wealth.

His ministry has been active in global humanitarian support, building multiple orphanages in Mexico and providing aid in Ethiopia. Additionally, they partnered with other charities to construct a home for homeless women.

Early Life and Education

Morris Cerullo was raised in an Orthodox Jewish orphanage after both of his parents passed away. At 14, he converted to Jesus Christ, becoming ordained at 19. Today his ministry spans across continents and countries previously closed to Christianity.

He has claimed numerous miracles, some of them tragic, such as telling a young girl she had been healed when in reality she passed away shortly afterwards. Yet his followers believe in his strong connection to God and calling to reach those left out by others.

He acquired the assets of Jim Bakker’s PTL ministry and founded The Inspiration Network cable TV channel. Additionally, Victory Today is his daily television show that has gained him international notoriety.

Professional Career

Morris Cerullo was renowned for his international ministry and uncompromising message of salvation and healing that touched thousands. As one of the leaders of Pentecostalism, his influence could be felt throughout society.

Trinity Foundation, a ministry watchdog, estimates that during his 12-year earnings period ending in 2019 alone, an evangelist earned more than $41 million while Barbara received approximately 3.6 million as compensation from him.

He reportedly earned millions from personal charity work alone and received additional income through book sales, television appearances and merchandise sales. His estimated personal mansion is valued at $12 million while he owns a $50 million private jet that comes equipped with two full-time pilots for worldwide flights. MCWE headquarters were located in San Diego California. Through his lifetime leadership of this organization worldwide expansion was achieved.

Achievement and Honors

Morris Cerullo’s evangelistic ministry resulted in hundreds of life-transforming revivals around the world. Additionally, he served as an ordained Assembly of God minister and healing evangelist. His two-story personal ministry mansion is estimated at worth $12 Million, located behind two secured gates in one of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

He traveled extensively around the globe spreading his message of Jesus Christ and faith in God, receiving numerous awards and honors including being awarded with the key to San Diego.

He uses his private jet, estimated to cost $50 million, to travel the globe. Theresa, his wife of 37 years, remains at his side in leading their ministry together.

Personal Life

Morris Cerullo was widely revered as a Christian statesman due to his global evangelistic outreach efforts that touched millions. He founded Morris Cerullo World Evangelism in 1962 in San Diego and traveled widely preaching evangelism services as well as organizing fundraising efforts and producing several TV specials highlighting historical sites across Israel. His ministry remains active today.

According to documents filed with the IRS by Inspiration Ministries for 12 years ending in 2019, he received over $7 Million in compensation, according to IRS documents filed by Inspiration Ministries for for-profit purposes. In addition, he owned Inspiration Network cable television network and Heritage USA Christian theme park. Born October 2nd 1931 in Passaic New Jersey of Russian Jewish decent, he converted to Christianity at 14 years of age.

Net Worth

Morris Cerullo was born October 2 in Passaic, New Jersey and currently resides in Charlotte North Carolina. He owns Inspiration Ministries, a religious broadcasting corporation. Additionally, he hosts his daily TV program Victory Today and has written over 80 books.

He is an ordained Assembly of God minister and healing evangelist, claiming to have been visited by angels while speaking in tongues. He owns both a 12,000 square-foot mansion with two security gates in an exclusive neighborhood as well as a $50 million jet with gold-plated interior, according to one of his stewardesses who took an oath statement under oath from one of its stewardesses.

Cerullo and his ministry raise millions through direct solicitations, prayer rallies, videotape sales and television marketing; but have been accused of unethical fund-raising tactics and false promises.

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