Mountains Will Melt Like Wax

Mountains Will Melt Like Wax When the Lord Draws Near

The melting mountains would look like thick streams of rock with no solid layer underneath. Every inch would have dripped and collapsed, and slid. What a terrifying sight! The Bible warns us to stop sin. What would that look like? Well, imagine the destruction that would be caused! We wonder who would be hurt. If you believe in God and do His will, what would happen to your mountains?

Psalm 97:5

When we consider the presence of the Lord, we should be amazed at the sheer magnitude of his greatness. We should never underestimate the power and might of God, no matter where we live. His presence is so overwhelming that even the most staunch opposition will be completely baffled. God is the Lord of the entire earth, and men and mountains will melt before His presence. He has been a lightning striker and a fire.

The Lord’s presence is so strong that even the highest mountains can be dissolved before His face. He is the Way Maker, Jehovah Jireh, and Provider. All things are possible when He is at work. This is especially true when we seek Him. The Lord is the King and He can direct our paths. He is the only One who can move mountains.

The idea of God being king over the Earth is continued in the first half of Psalm 97. In this psalm, people around the world acknowledge God as their Creator, Maker, and Shepherd. All peoples around the world should celebrate God’s victory over evil and sing praises to him. They should also acknowledge God as their Lord, and be grateful for his goodnessess and faithfulness.

When the Lord sees us, we should praise Him, for He is good. He surrounds us in righteousness and we should worship Him. Idolatry is a disgrace to God. He guards us and saves us from the wicked. We must remember that worshipping Him will keep us safe. It is the only way we can find true happiness.

Isaiah 64:1-31

The words “Mountains will melt like wax” are not just a metaphor, they are literal. God has prepared everything for those who wait for his will. This is a promise we can all look forward to. It will happen when the Kingdom of God comes and His mighty power conquers every opponent on earth. The mountains will melt and the valleys will be split like wax before the fire in the future.

The Israelites have experienced many earthquakes over the years and have long associated earthquakes as a sign of God’s presence. This is why they ask God to announce His presence through earthquakes, fire, and water. In the Lamentations prayer, they ask God to reveal Himself through these natural phenomena. Similar to the ancient Near East people, they believed that God had promised a coming Rapture. However, it wasn’t until their destruction that they saw the promise fulfilled.

The Church age has continued to cry out for God’s intervention. During this tribulation age, the blood of martyrs has poured out in prayer to the God of all creation. During this time, the people of God urgently cry for help as times have become darker and harder for many. We should not lose faith because the Lord has promised that he will judge the world in righteousness. This cannot be delayed. The prayers of the tribulation saints can be used to unite the prayers for the little remnant.

The people of God were pleading for deliverance from Egypt and despaired. Then God came down on Mount Sinai, causing great terror. Even the mountains were shaken by fear. People who worship other gods may have seen demonstrations of their power, but they do not experience a personal relationship with the creator. They were not seeing any evidence of God’s presence. But the prophets were pleading for God’s help.

Deuteronomy 5:2323

When the Lord draws near, the mountains will melt like wax. When God draws near, even the highest mountains will be melted. The Lord is the Lord of all the earth. He will bring all the nations into His kingdom and destroy the mountains. All the people in the land will be terrified, but they will see the glory of the LORD. They will see the land melted to ashes!

Hebrews warns against sinful behavior

The writer of Hebrews writes about the tragic consequences of unbelief, a warning that many have ignored. The letter authors knew that many people would ignore this warning, but they also feared that people who had believed in Jesus and the work of His apostles would continue to sin. They thus made the warning very clear. The warning was meant to encourage believers to follow Jesus.

God’s warning to Israel is that if they keep on sinning, mountains will melt, and valleys will split. If you keep on doing evil, they will melt like wax. Then, it will be like watching water pouring down a steep mountain. Hebrews warns those who follow evil rulers to repent. Those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ will be condemned and will face eternal punishment.

Micah’s letter focuses on Samaria, the capital of Israel. It touches all of Israel. The words Jerusalem and Samaria refer to the bad leaders of the northern nation. The people of Judea and Samaria were the ones who sinned against God, and the prophet Micah warned them of this. Micah is the prophet of God, and he writes prophets to help people who need guidance.

The prophet warns that Judea’s people must stop sinning, or the mountains will melt like wax. This warning is not for nothing, but it is a reminder to all who have sinned against God. If they did, they would never have been legitimately saved. And this warning applies even to the leaders of Israel. The people of Judea did not keep their sinning to themselves, but they resisted the gospel and continued sinning against the gospel.

God’s power will judge the world in righteousness and defeat all His enemies

The good news is that God will bring justice to the world through His Son, Jesus Christ. The early church rejoiced in this day of judgment, preaching it as gospel to those who would follow Christ. This day of judgment will be marked by God’s power, as the DBY translation says, “judging the world in righteousness and executing justice with equity.”

The next set of verses are extremely powerful. The Bible speaks in a very powerful way when God is talking about moving into battle. The first two verses describe God’s power as being intense. This powerful action is why God is called “Man Of War”.

As the Word of God declares, “The Lord will come in His power to judge the world in righteousness.” Jesus will reign with an iron rod and walk the winepress of His fierceness when this event occurs. He will break His enemies into pieces. Satan has ruled the earth for thousands of years, blinding people and using women to his own ends. But this day of judgment will set the world free and bring salvation to all its people.

The manifestation of His holiness is one of the most striking signs that God is coming in righteousness. In Exodus 34:5, God speaks to Moses. He tells him that He will judge the world in righteousness and defeat all His enemies. We also see God’s power during times of trouble and oppression. God is not forgetting His people.

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