Name how many strengths?

Name how many strengths?

Everyone has more than one strength. That’s why you shouldn’t just name one good quality about yourself in the interview. However, if you name too many strengths, you also come across as slightly arrogant. Ideally, you should therefore first determine a maximum of three strengths in the interview.

What is an introduction round?

An introductory round is a type of group interview or assessment center. In this way, the employer examines several applicants at the same time under “standard” and comparable conditions.

What is the best way to introduce yourself?

In order for this to be positive, you should pay attention to your body language. Stand or walk upright, but with your shoulders relaxed so as not to appear cramped or tense. Place both feet firmly on the floor and let your arms hang casually. Approach your opponent.

What is a group interview?

In a “group job interview” several applicants are informed, queried, tested etc. at the same time (as a group) in one room. A typical example is the assessment center. In this way, the applicant can be immediately compared with others and one can see how he behaves in the group.

How long should a self-presentation last?

A self-presentation usually takes 3-5 minutes. During this time, the applicant should of course comply with the HR manager’s request and provide relevant content, but it’s also about convincing the interviewer of yourself.

How do I make a self-presentation?

Example of a self-presentation I am: Introduce yourself and describe your current situation. An example: I can: Name the relevant stages of your CV and, if available, backed up with project examples that are of interest for the position. I want: Now it’s time to talk about your goals.

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