Nini Hebron

Jay Perez is an iconic YouTube gamer and comedian known for hosting Free Random Games with his audience. Additionally, Hebron co-owns Kubz Scouts channel with Nini to manage their gaming streams on Twitch.

Nini Hebron came up with the name Kubz Scouts for her and Jay’s channel together, since she co-founded it and they once dated.

Early Life and Education

Nini Hebron is an established streamer and gaming content creator who first gained notoriety on Twitch and YouTube alongside Robert Jay Perez. They collaborated to establish The Kubz Scouts channel before creating individual channels under each of them; she ultimately developed her own personal channel as well.

Nini has quickly built a loyal and large following on both platforms due to her humorous content and engaging videos, offering positive energy with authentic character in all her streams and content creation.

Her favorite games include Yandere Simulator and Akinator, which she creates challenges and vlogs around. Jay currently lives with her son Mason in California; she hails from both countries and co-owns video game channel Kubz Scouts where she specializes in decision-making and stealth games with Free Random Games as a series.

Professional Career

Nini Hebron of TheKubzScouts has won audiences over with her authenticity, captivating content, and undying devotion to the streaming community. While initially focused solely on chat streams, her platform now also includes gameplay streams, challenges, vlogs, and much more!

Nini found most of her audience through Yandere Simulator videos and has amassed over 1.5 million dedicated viewers across YouTube and Twitch. Additionally, she utilizes this platform to raise funds for mental health organizations.

Robert Jay Perez is well known in the Kubz Scouts community as Jay. A content creator since 2001, his favorite genres of games are stealth, decision making and horror titles; he hosts his own YouTube series called Free Random Games where he tracks down random ones available online.

Achievement and Honors

Nini Hebron is a celebrated Twitch streamer and content creator who has won audiences with her dedication, authenticity and engaging gameplay. From an early age she developed her love of gaming which earned her a large fan base of dedicated viewers who follow her streams which vary from Just Chatting sessions to Gameplay streams with challenges or collaborations with fellow streamers.

Her videos often include her beloved pet dog Luna who adds an entertaining and captivating element to her content. Due to her humor and charming personality, Luna has gained her an extensive fan base within the gaming community.

Robert Jay Perez, commonly referred to in the Kubz Scouts community as Jay, and she have one child together. Jay hails from both sides of their parentage – half Filipino and half American as well as being an accomplished gamer.

Personal Life

Nini Hebron is an esteemed streamer and gaming video creator known for her authenticity, humor, and engaging content. She is also actively engaged in raising mental health awareness while fighting to increase diversity within streaming industry.

Jay Perez of Virginia gained international prominence with the YouTube channel TheKubzScouts. This channel boasts over 1 million subscribers and is best-known for its Yandere Simulator videos. Furthermore, Perez maintains another channel called Backubz Account that features similar material.

Hebron was instrumental in the establishment of both Twitch and YouTube channels associated with TheKubzScouts, and has played a vital role in its success. She also plays an essential role managing its social media aspect to build direct connections with their target audience.

Net Worth

Hebron co-founded the gaming channel TheKubzScouts with her then-partner Robert Jay Perez in June 2014 and it quickly gained widespread popularity among gamers. Alongside creating video game content for TheKubzScouts, Hebron managed its social media accounts allowing the channel to develop direct relationships between itself and its followers.

Hebro and Perez had one son named Mason before parting ways early 2020. She currently resides in California.

Jay was born in Virginia in the United States but spent much of his life living and gaming in Japan, where he developed his love of Yandere Simulator Myths on YouTube – although he often posts videos showing other games too to increase viewership.

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