Noah Bishop

Noah Bishop

Noah Bishop is a Vice President at Warburg Pincus specializing in investments for business services firms. Prior to joining Warburg Pincus in 2022, he worked at MidOcean Partners as an investment professional.

Bishop has developed unique abilities that have allowed him to successfully close in on kidnappers, find fugitives and apprehend serial killers.

Early Life and Education

Noah Bishop was born and raised in Seattle, Washington before graduating from Christendom College and working as a teacher, coach, and religious educator before entering priesthood.

Noah currently works at Warburg Pincus in New York as a Vice President specializing in business services investments. Before joining Warburg Pincus, Noah worked as an investment professional at MidOcean Partners (a middle market firm).

Joyce Bean brings Bishop series alive through her riveting narration. With each mystery unfolding before them, Joyce Bean’s voice immerses listeners into another world as it intensifies with tension and suspense. Her clarity and accuracy is also noteworthy. Noah is survived by his mother Jessica, father Scott, brother Isaiah as well as aunts, uncles, cousins and friends; we shall all mourn his absence deeply.

Professional Career

Noah Bishop works in financial analysis at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Stamford, Connecticut and credits Kino Ruth of Hamilton’s Career Center with connecting him to Grover Fitch ’82 at RBS who offered him an internship position there.

He is also the head of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit, a crack team of psychic profilers with special abilities to track kidnappers, track down fugitives and stop murderers. These agents rely heavily on psychic power for closing in on kidnapping cases quickly while using paranormal talents to close in on kidnappers, track down fugitives and stop murderers before they strike again.

Joyce Bean, winner of both an Audible and Earphones Award, brings this riveting series to life through her impressive vocal range and intensity, evoking suspenseful psychological tension while captivating listeners with her intimate yet convincing portrayals of all characters – one of today’s top narrators!

Achievement and Honors

Noah Bishop was delighted to take second and third places in computer graphics as well as an honorable mention in photography at Pope County High School’s art competition last week, according to teacher Amber Akes. Such events provide students with real world experiences which supplement their curriculum.

Van Dyke Noah is the Founder and Bishop of MRCCI/Vandyke Noah Ministries and has pastored churches worldwide. Additionally, he is well-regarded conference speaker and Bible teacher.

Narrator Joyce Bean elevates each installment with her dynamic voice, heightening suspense with every unnerving case. Her abilities enable her to portray each FBI Special Crime Unit team member’s individual characteristics and psychic gifts with ease while deftly capturing moments of psychological tension – she even won Audie and Earphones Awards! Joyce takes listeners into another dimension of mystery-solving with each installment!

Personal Life

Noah Bishop was born April 7, 2006. He is the son of Scott and Jessica Bishop and brother to Isaiah; grandson of Jeff Sale and Yvonne Bishop from Cross Plains WI as well as Bob & Joan Ellestad from Mount Horeb WI; nephew to Nancy Mary Amy Rachel Bishop as well. Noah left behind an abundance of love and laughter that will never fade.

According to biblical traditions, Noah was an upright individual whose righteous character earned him a place in God’s covenant that saved nature from His fury.

Joyce Bean, award-winning narrator of the “Bishop” thrillers, takes listeners inside the FBI Special Crimes Unit with each new unsettling case that unfolds – her voice growing increasingly intense as the mystery deepens.

Net Worth

Noah Bishop is an award-winning actor who has found great success in the entertainment world. With multiple appearances on popular television series and films to his credit, Noah Bishop has amassed significant wealth.

He is best-known for his stage comedy acts and impersonations of public figures. He has performed at multiple festivals and received much acclaim for his efforts.

He is the fourth generation member of an Alaskan family who appear on Discovery Channel television show “Alaskan Bush People.” Despite his fame, he prefers to keep his personal life low key; hunting and spending time with loved ones remain top priorities for him. Furthermore, he’s an accomplished hockey player, earning annual earnings exceeding $4 Million from hockey alone! For more details on his net worth please click here.

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