NOAH Conference

NOAH Conference – Bringing People Together to Make a Difference

NOAH Conference brings together artists, arts administrators, healthcare professionals and designers from diverse fields to share ideas and gain applicable knowledge that will further their careers and the field as a whole. Event participants enjoy keynote talks, workshops and social activities during this conference event.

NOAH has taken an innovative approach to sustainability by connecting capital with tech companies, solving real world issues with tech solutions and using Grip as a facilitator between all these groups so they can collaborate to make an impactful difference together.

Early Life and Education

At this year’s conference, organizations that represented everything from ministries and unions to education and racial equity gathered together to vote on four issues that will guide NOAH in coming years. After opening comments from Vice Chair Maura-Lee Albert and housekeeping notes from eight speakers who each had two minutes each to present their issue before a timekeeper rang a bell to indicate when two minutes had been up – after which organizations debated which issue to vote for.

NOAH founder Marco is on a mission to connect people within the sustainability industry and build lasting collaborations to meet some of Earth’s greatest environmental challenges. Grip has helped him accomplish this task immensely – discover more about NOAH here.

Professional Career

Noah specializes in applying quantitative methods to understand how public policies and institutions affect marginalized communities. Additionally, he enjoys biking, producing music, and community organizing.

Marco’s global pandemic forced him to postpone the annual conference he organized, giving him time to reevaluate its purpose and broaden its scope by supporting global natural ecosystems.

NOAH built an innovative digital and physical collaboration platform for over 67 stakeholder groups, connecting impact investors with innovative startups that could make an impactful difference in society. This collaboration led to several impressive successes such as Grover’s EUR37 Million Investment from an Early-Stage Pitch at NOAH; furthermore, NOAH has since built a sustainable community which brings entrepreneurs and investors together in an ongoing endeavor that tackles some of our greatest sustainability challenges.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Takac of the Men’s Baseball program has been recognized by Conference Carolinas Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SSAC) Player of the Week for his performances from March 21-27.

Established by Marco Rodzynek, NOAH Conference is an annual Europe-wide event which brings together investors and companies seeking investment in various sectors such as Proptech, Fintech and Legatech. Known for focusing on profitable business models and data analysis.

NOAH Conference seeks to address the need for more sustainable world by connecting sustainability businesses with impact investors. Their objective is to generate value for key stakeholders including conservation landowners, NGOs, government, investors, scientists corporates and tech solution providers – they recently partnered with Grip – an AI powered matchmaking service for events.

Personal Life

Noah Goldstein has made his mark as an academic who studies persuasion through scientifically tested approaches that alter behavior. His studies are used in fields like management, health and law enforcement.

Darren Aronofsky has become known for creating dark and intense dramas, and “Noah” is no different. Oscar winner Russell Crowe stars as Noah as rain pours down and animals vie to secure space on the ark.

Marco Rodzynek was an accomplished executive at Lehman Brothers when he was suddenly let go during the 2008 financial crisis. Instead of dwelling on his misfortune, however, he turned it into an opportunity – creating NOAH Conference which serves entrepreneurs seeking lasting impactful change for society.

Net Worth

No matter the cause – finding sustainable companies investors or improving society as a whole – there is always someone looking to make a change. NOAH provides them a place where they can meet and collaborate towards solving sustainability challenges together.

Noah makes money through commissions and service fees from its clients who collectively have over $5.6 trillion invested.

Joakim Noah was once an NBA basketball player and earned over $135 Million during his 13 year career with Chicago Bulls drafted him as the number 1 overall selection in 2006. Now retired and earning $50 Million net worth he also owns Noah Holdings which provides high net-worth individuals in China investment products and has offices both Hong Kong and Singapore.

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