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Pineapplebrat – Who is Alice Rebecca Klomp?

Alice Rebecca Klomp, more commonly known by her nickname Pineapplebrat, has quickly gained notoriety as both a social media personality and personal fitness trainer. Beginning her professional fitness journey in 2014 and now contributing as part of women best’s team of sports nutrition and clothing suppliers for women only.

She attends Michigan State University to study advertising and graphic design. Since June 2017, she has been dating bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski; Christianity is her chosen faith.

Early Life and Education

Pineapplebrat, or Alice Rebecca Klomp, is an Instagram influencer and professional physical trainer known for her transformation workout guides, selfies and gyming tips shared via her social media accounts. She first began her fitness journey back in 2014 and has continued sharing photos and videos documenting it ever since.

Pineapple brat boasts an alluring lean figure which only adds to her beauty, and manages to keep a balance between healthy eating habits and physical fitness. Her YouTube channel has amassed quite a following and advocates for living an overall balanced life.

Pineapplebrat and Alex Bozinovski have been in a relationship since July 2017. She regularly shares photos of them together on her Instagram account and they reside together in Michigan.

Professional Career

Pineapplebrat, an avid fitness enthusiast who has gained prominence as an influencer and personal trainer on social media platforms such as Instagram. She rose to fame thanks largely to the videos posted to her account that showcase her workout regiments.

Her professional career started in 2014 when she joined womens best, an online brand specializing in sports nutrition and clothing for women. Additionally, she has an established YouTube channel with transformation workout guides, selfies, and useful gym tips posted regularly by her.

Pineapplebrat boasts a slim waistline and stunning physique which she maintains with a strict diet. She loves summer vacations at the beach while bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski serves as her greatest supporter, helping with workout routines.

Achievement and Honors

Pineapplebrat is one of the most well-known social media personalities on Instagram, known for her curvaceous and sizzling photos that have gained the interest of millions. Additionally, she posts videos to YouTube where she has amassed over 60 thousand subscribers.

She became famous as a fitness model by posting workout guides and gym advice on social media accounts, while also advocating women’s training wear for training purposes.

Alice Rebecca Klomp hails from America. She graduated with honors in advertising and graphic design from Michigan State University. Now in a relationship with bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski since June 2017, the couple are living an happy and contented lifestyle together. With many achievements and honors under their belts.

Personal Life

Pineapplebrat’s prominence as a social media influencer has caused considerable debate. Some critics accuse her of glorifying rebellion without cause, when in reality her culture celebrates authenticity and the audacity to express oneself authentically.

Pineapple brats provide young individuals with the power they need to navigate the complexities of identity in today’s society, helping them forge their own paths and celebrate their individuality while shifting societal paradigms in positive directions.

Alice Rebecca Klomp, better known by her professional name Pineapplebrat, is an American bodybuilder and Instagram influencer with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and a YouTube presence with fitness and lifestyle tips to offer viewers. Additionally, she shares romantic pictures and videos featuring Alex Bozinovski on their respective accounts; their relationship has earned considerable media attention online.

Net Worth

Pineapplebrat enjoys an extensive social media following, and her fans love interacting with her on these platforms. Additionally, she uses these platforms to support charitable causes and bring attention to critical issues in society.

Alice Rebecca Klomp is a professional fitness trainer. She gained international renown on Instagram through sharing transformation workout guides and selfies of herself, starting her journey as a professional fitness trainer in 2014. Since 2014 she has worked for online brand womensbest and in September of 2012 launched her YouTube channel.

Her slim waistline and healthy lifestyle has earned her an immense fan base on social media, while also creating her own merchandise line – swimsuits at affordable prices being among them.

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