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Rapper Algernod Lanier Washington – Better Known As Plies

Bulldogs possess one of the strongest jaws among animal species. Although they appear comical and bark funny, you should take caution if this dog ever grabs hold of something it fancies grabbing onto.

Plies from Florida is like that bulldog: his raunchy music and lively Instagram account have kept him at the top of rap fans’ radar screens for nearly 10 years.

Early Life and Education

Algernod Lanier Washington, better known by his stage name ‘Plies, was born July 1st 1976 in Fort Myers Florida and founded Big Gates Records alongside his stepbrother. Since then he has become one of the biggest players in hip/hop rap music industry.

Plies’ stage name was inspired by drug dealer names from his home city. It has been instrumental in creating a persona that resonates well with fans.

Plies attended several universities in Florida under his original name of Nod Washington before dropping out and becoming known by Plies’ full name of Plies Lanier Washington. Plies has one child, named Nijier Lanier Washington. Additionally, in 2015 he briefly dated Brandy Lacole Lyons before going his separate ways. Unfortunately for him and us all else rapping is his sole passion and hobby.

Professional Career

Plies is an acclaimed Contemporary Hip hop musician with five albums and numerous mixtapes released during his career. In addition to performing at music festivals and appearing on television programs, his songs have generated substantial royalties that are estimated at $14 Million in total royalties.

Algernod Lanier Washington is best known by his stage name Plies. Hailing from Fort Myers, Florida – Plies began his rapping career after graduating high school with help from his stepbrother and formed Big Gates Records together.

Plies’ deep Southern street accent adds depth and dimension to his rhymes, as he uses his voice to express more than just gang life in his lyrics. Instead, his words create mood or convey events.

Achievement and Honors

Algernod Lanier Washington, more popularly known as Plies, has established himself in the music industry with remarkable success. He has gained significant acclaim and awards throughout his career; winning several despite some legal obstacles. Plies has achieved such great success through hard work and persistence that it remains his trademark trademark today.

Plies has proven his entrepreneurial savvy beyond his rap career by founding both his record label and clothing line. These investments have only helped grow his fortune.

Plies has released several successful singles over time, such as “Shawty.” It is an ode to an attractive woman who captured his interest, with mesmerizing vocals and captivating lyrics making this track a classic in his discography – surefire hits at parties and clubs alike; further demonstrating Plies’ storytelling prowess.

Personal Life

Plies’s debut album and mixtapes feature lyrics covering both gang life and love; hip hop magazines have often criticized him for overstating his criminal background.

His syrup-thick Southern accent adds style and emotion to his stories, whether he’s discussing an evening out at a club or an emotionally charged confrontation with an enemy. Over the years he’s also shown his witty side; 2016 saw the release of “Ran Off on Da Plug Twice”, with its viral video that inspired dance moves seen across clubs and NFL end zones alike.

Plies has released five studio albums and multiple mixtapes throughout his career, amassing an enormous fan base online and becoming an adaptable rapper, capable of appealing to an array of listeners.

Net Worth

Plies is one of the world’s most successful rappers. His lyrics blend honesty and audacity to great effect; songs such as Shawty and Hypnotized resonate strongly with an audience searching for authenticity. Furthermore, Plies has utilized his business acumen to amass an impressive net worth.

Big Gates Records was established by Big Gates Records in 2007. His debut album The Real Testament produced Shawty featuring T-Pain, reaching number nine on Billboard Hot 100 charts. Subsequent singles from that album also found great success; consequently RIAA gold certification was received within six months.

Rapper Big Gates also ventured into fashion by creating his own clothing line called “Big Gates.” In addition, he appeared as guest actor on various television programs, further increasing his net worth.

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