Robin Arzon Net Worth

Robin Arzon is an American ultramarathon runner, author and Peloton instructor known for her motivational and inspiring approach to fitness and life. She earns significant income through investments, book sales and brand endorsements.

Born of Puerto Rican parents and Cuban mother, she graduated high school before enrolling at New York University where she achieved an outstanding record, receiving magna cum laude honors.

Early Life and Education

Robin Arzon was born in Philadelphia to a Cuban refugee mother and Puerto Rican father from different cultural backgrounds, both encouraging her to focus on education and family. Eventually she attended New York University with distinction before enrolling at Villanova Law School for further studies.

She is a popular fitness instructor and runner with over 620k Instagram followers, recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes herself in 2014. As part of her commitment to raising awareness for Beyond Type One she serves as brand ambassador for Adidas as well as being on their Leadership Committee.

She is married to Drew Butler, an investment manager, and they share one daughter named Athena. She often features her family on her social media pages as evidence that it is possible to balance both careers with happy family lives.

Professional Career

Robin Arzon has made quite an impactful mark in her field as a fitness instructor, amassing substantial wealth while becoming one of the go-to names in fitness industry.

She graduated with honors from New York University before going on to Villanova University School of Law. Additionally, her book Shut Up and Run became a best seller.

Her pivotal role at Peloton, book sales, brand endorsements and motivational speeches have contributed greatly to her rise as a fitness icon. Her story serves as proof that anyone can achieve great things if they pursue their passion. In addition, she and Drew Butler share daughter Athena Amelia Arzon-Butler.

Achievement and Honors

Robin Arzon has earned her success through hard work and dedication, going from corporate lawyer to fitness icon with ease. Her journey serves as an inspiring example that passion drives success.

Robin is an esteemed Peloton instructor, best-selling author, and fitness trainer who has made her mark in the fitness industry. Her exhilarating classes and motivating message have inspired many individuals to embrace healthy living practices.

Drew Butler, an investment manager, became her husband in 2019. Together they have one child named Athena Amelia Arzon-Butler. The family lives comfortably in New York where Athena also earns income through book sales and brand deals; additionally she currently serves as Vice President of Programming for Peloton.

Personal Life

Robin Arzon has become one of the leading figures in Hollywood. She is best known as a fitness instructor, author and runner who has amassed an enormous fan base through her books and journals sales. Robin’s writing skills have also enabled her to earn significant revenue through book and journal sales.

Becca was featured on National Geographic’s series Mygrations with 19 other elite American athletes as they trekked across the Serengeti. Additionally, she holds certification as a running instructor through Road Runners Club of America and acts as global Adidas ambassador.

Drew Butler, an investment manager, and Athena Sage – their daughter. Drew Butler’s dedication to his family life and career are major contributors to her success.

Net Worth

Robin Arzon is an athlete, writer and fitness instructor known for her book sales, brand partnerships and collaborations that have brought in considerable profits. Additionally, she serves as a motivational speaker to an abundance of audiences around the globe.

Born and educated in Philadelphia, she went on to graduate with a law degree from New York University. Following seven years as a corporate lawyer at Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker law firm before making the leap into running and fitness.

She is the author of Shut Up and Run, which became a New York Times bestseller. Additionally, she serves as trainer/coach of running club training as well as Adidas ambassadorship. Married to Drew Butler with one child Athena Amelia as daughter.

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