Scott Foley Net Worth

Foley’s wealth is built largely upon his acting career; however, his directing and producing skills have also significantly added to his wealth.

He has written for several television shows and movies, such as “The Kids in the Hall” and “NewsRadio”, contributing significantly to his overall earnings. These projects have helped drive up his income.

Early Life and Education

Foley has enjoyed great success as an actor, increasing his public profile while using this to raise money for charitable endeavors. These actions align with his Enneagram type 2, which exhibits strong empathy towards others while offering assistance when necessary.

Scott Kellerman Foley hails from Kansas City but has traveled all over due to his father’s international banking job. He attended both Ladue High School and Clayton High School before embarking on his acting career.

Foley also enjoys a successful real estate business in addition to his acting. He owns numerous properties around the country that have increased his net worth significantly, and frequently endorses brands and participates in charity events – further diversifying his earnings potential.

Professional Career

Scott Foley is an award-winning actor, director, and producer who has garnered many recognizable television and movie roles over his long career. Additionally, he has written for several shows and films as a contributing writer.

He is best-known for his roles on The Unit, Felicity and Scandal as well as numerous movies he directed before making his directorial debut with Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014) – making an impressionful directorial debut in 2014.

Foley is also an accomplished comedian who has hosted multiple events and written for several television shows such as The Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio. Additionally, Foley has invested in real estate as well as earning income through endorsements and sponsorships to contribute significantly to his net worth. As an Enneagram Type 2, Foley finds fulfillment from helping others.

Achievement and Honors

Foley is an accomplished and dedicated actor whose skills have earned him critical acclaim and amassed him a large fan base. Additionally, his charitable involvement with various community projects and events further solidifies his image as an upstanding individual.

Foley has earned accolades both as an actor and writer/director, most notably with his 2014 drama Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife.

Foley has managed to remain relatively private about his personal life despite having achieved great success in entertainment, never becoming involved in any controversial situations or having any deep dark secrets hidden away in his past. He is currently married to actress Marika Dominczyk and they share one child together; Foley is also related to fellow actor Dagmara Dominczyk (Patrick Wilson’s sister-in-law).

Personal Life

Scott Foley has established himself in Hollywood over time as an accomplished actor and multi-talent. Additionally, his prolific writing and directing talent as well as wise real estate investments have contributed significantly to his overall wealth.

He is an American citizen with English, Irish, German and Scottish ancestry and stands 6 feet 1 inch at 80 kg with brown hair and green eyes.

Foley is married to actress Marika Dominczyk and they share two children together since 2007. Together since 2007, Foley is known for his penchant for luxurious properties, owning several high-end ones in California; one alone in Hidden Hills alone worth over $2 Million alone! In Encino too he owns his own residence.

Net Worth

Scott Foley’s success story is truly inspirational. Through hard work and determination, he has accomplished so much in his career – while taking time out of his schedule to support causes that mean something to him personally.

He made his Broadway debut as Denis McCleary in The Violet Hour in 2003 and appeared off-Broadway in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard production. Additionally, he has appeared in various film and TV projects.

Foley is best known for his roles on Felicity as Noel Crane and Grey’s Anatomy as well as recurring appearances on Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, in addition to writing and directing films like Marlon Wayans-starring Netflix comedy Naked from 2017 (whose script and direction he completed for that project). Foley is married to actress Marika Dominczyk with whom they share two children.

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